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Geliefden – The Lovers

Once the lovers card is in your spread, it means there is a choice you are having to make. Whether is staying on a job or leaving or waiting on a new position. There is some sort of choice you are having to make so you are in a waiting mode when you also get the hangman card on your spread.

This is the universe saying ‘yes, do it. Take that chance’

Take the leap. Don’t stay behind in something that you are not happy with. Because if you do take this new position. You are going to be happy there.

When the lovers cards is not about relationship and love reading it is about ‘choices‘. To feel guided towards this choice. And for a good reason. It is the universe saying ‘we had enough‘.


The Lovers – Los Enamorados















De Geliefden aan dat je, zonder voorbehoud, tot een duidelijke keuze zult moeten komen. Je moet tot een standpunt komen. Je zult daarbij rekening moeten houden met alle feiten en deze afwegen. De keuze die je maakt is bepalend voor het vervolg van zaken en in welke richting je verder gaat. Dit standpunt waarvoor je kiest kan te maken hebben met een nieuwe baan, nieuw taakgebied of het inslaan van een andere richting van je loopbaan. Ook kan De Geliefden aangeven dat je innerlijk volmondig ja zegt tegen je huidige baan.


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Bekers Zeven – 7 of Cups

This card means I have to choose between many options, all of which may be tempting but only one of which is the best choice. At others times not all of  choices are real options at all; they are delusions of the imagination.

This year I found myself trying to choose between the old or new path. Between my heart and head. Life is about choices.  I have been pulled into different directions.

Anywhere but Here. ..

It is time to let go of the past and let a new love and life in.

Is it the light at the end of the tunnel ?

You may also be feeling like you have too many choices and all of them look good. It’s like going into your favorite restaurant and not being able to decide between which meal to order, so you end up order two appetizers, one entree, order for your spouse so you can share with them and finish that off with a dessert. You order too much food and get to take it all home in a doggie bag for later. Yvonne Koelemeijer
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