Repost from Repost from The Highwire with Del Bigtree. Former Vice President at Pfizer, Dr. Michael Yeadon, who has over 32 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development, has penned a letter to Matt Hancock, the UKs head of Health and Social Care, expressing his deep concerns over the experimental use of #COVID19 vaccines comingContinue reading “EX PFIZER VP CONCERNED ABOUT EXPERIMENTAL COVID VACCINE”

COVID 19 and the Agendas to Come: Red-Pilled

Repost from https://www.globalresearch.ca/ https://www.globalresearch.ca/orwellian-culture-amazon-removes-covid-skeptics-book-violating-content-guidelines/5727119 Around the time Twitter purged New York Post’s bombshell stories about Hunter Biden from its platform, late last week, Amazon was busy censoring any criticism against the “official” COVID-19 narrative, with the banning of at least one book from its Amazon Books store.  Political writer James Perloff’s latest book, “Covid-19 and the Agendas to Come: Red-Pilled,” wasContinue reading “COVID 19 and the Agendas to Come: Red-Pilled”

Department of Justice Announces an $8 Billion Settlement with Purdue Pharma

Repost from https://uncoverdc.com/2020/10/21/department-of-justice-announces-an-8-billion-settlement-with-purdue-pharma/ America’s war on drugs became a little more muscular with the Department of Justice (DOJ) announcement today. In October of 2017, President Trump declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency. An October 2018 White House follow up press release updated Americans on his “commitment to stopping the crisis in its tracks.” Today Deputy Attorney GeneralContinue reading “Department of Justice Announces an $8 Billion Settlement with Purdue Pharma”

Roberto Petrella, médico italiano: Covid 19 es un programa de exterminio masivo

Roberto Petrella, médico italiano: “Covid 19 es un programa de exterminio masivo”.   Emocionado por lo que está a punto de decir, y con la voz ronca y desgarrada, el médico italiano Roberto Petrella ha grabado un vídeo de 8 minutos que es una llamada de atención al pueblo italiano y también al mundo entero. Este médicoContinue reading “Roberto Petrella, médico italiano: Covid 19 es un programa de exterminio masivo”


Reposted by permission from The Highwire with Del Bigtree AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 viral vector vaccine technology is under increased scrutiny after two reports of transverse myelitis in trial groups. Previously, viral vector technology led to the death of Jesse Gelsinger, who died after being treated with a modified virus in a gene therapy trial. Del discusses theContinue reading “COVID VACCINE TECHNOLOGY’S DANGEROUS PAST”

Informed Consent Action Network: Merk VARIVAX – Chicken Pox Vaccine

Reposted by permission from The Highwire with Del Bigtree Merck sells the first and only chicken pox vaccine (VARIVAX) sold in the United States. VARIVAX is produced by growing chicken pox virus on the cell strain from aborted fetal tissue and was licensed by the FDA in 1995 for people aged 12 months and older. Prior to FDA licensureContinue reading “Informed Consent Action Network: Merk VARIVAX – Chicken Pox Vaccine”

Make America FREE Again! (MAFA)

Source: https://makeamericansfreeagain.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/MAFA-LibertyGraphic-8-29.pdf TAKE ACTION! Nothing will change until Americans are willing to come together and stand against the growing government. With our abilities, dedication, and focus, we can protect ourselves and our family from the elites who want to decide our futures. Please join us at info@makeamericansfreeagain.com The people united will never be defeated! Source:Continue reading “Make America FREE Again! (MAFA)”

Mask Confusion: CDC Director Says He Thinks Masks Work Better Than Vaccines

Reposted by permission from The Dollar Vigilante. A few months ago Dr. Fraudci said People Should Not Wear Masks! All hail Dr. Fraudci. Then he, and the WHO, and the CDC changed their uni-mind and mask craziness took over the world. Then the WHO said masks are really only for health service personnel who know howContinue reading “Mask Confusion: CDC Director Says He Thinks Masks Work Better Than Vaccines”

Wake up to Communism?

Reposted by permission from Liberty Counsel Action. Will we wake up one day to communism? Or will we fight the control and censorship radicals need to push their agenda? – Mat One of the pastors I represent lived under communism in Romania. He has a chilling message for you today. He saw a five-step plan for how dictators implemented communism inContinue reading “Wake up to Communism?”

COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity

Reposted by permission from Corbett report TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: https://www.corbettreport.com/covid911/ 9/11, as we were told repeatedly in the days, weeks, and months after the attack, was the day that changed everything. And now a new event has come along to once again throw the world into chaos. But whereas the post-9/11 era introduced America toContinue reading “COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity”