Lancet study proves the shot does not prevent transmission

America’s Frontline Doctors, [Nov 15, 2021] WOW: Lancet study proves the shot does not prevent transmission. “fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully vaccinated” Why is this SO important? The 1905 SCOTUS case Jacobson v Massachusetts heldContinue reading “Lancet study proves the shot does not prevent transmission”

Dr. Peter Doshi: “Merriam-Webster Changed Definition of ‘Vaccine’ To Fit Covid-19 mRNA Vaccines.”

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A new FOIA production exposed a political motive behind the CDC shifting the goalposts on the definition of ‘vaccine’ and ‘vaccination’. #CDCVaccine #CDC #Covid19 POSTED: November 5, 2021 Source: The Highwire with Del Bigtree The Europe News, [Nov 7, 2021 at 7:04 AM] BREAKING: CDC Emails prove that the definition of „vaccines“ was just aContinue reading “CDC CAUGHT SHIFTING THE GOALPOSTS [Vaccine Definition]”

CDC changes definition of vaccine [AGAIN]

Health Freedom Defense Fund, [Nov 3, 2021 ] Opps, CDC changes definition of vaccine because, well, their definition was inconsistent with the COVID jabs erroneously called vaccines. That’s because the shots don’t induce immunity. So they changed the definition to “protection” or something that “stimulates the immune system.” Do not EVER forget these two criminalsContinue reading “CDC changes definition of vaccine [AGAIN]”

CDC director Walensky stated that Boosters may force change the definition of ‘fully vaccinated’

CDC director Walensky stated that Boosters may force change the definition of ‘fully vaccinated’. In plain English, no one will EVER BE FULLY VACCINATED. The goalposts just changed for all of you already vaxxed. This is what compliance gets you! Perpetual mandatory vaccinations. A #HamsterWheel of vaccines  Please note – you will no longer beContinue reading “CDC director Walensky stated that Boosters may force change the definition of ‘fully vaccinated’”


Listen to Douglas and Tyla explain why America is in big trouble. This is a shocking finding that you need to scale to your friends and family. Contact your elected representatives immediately and demand that this legislation be terminated. This is very interesting.  The document described in the video below is available HERE.  Research into stateContinue reading “STATE HEALTH DEPARTMENTS MANIPULATING DATA, CHANGING DEFINITIONS”