Central Designer : Custom Function

A few days ago I received an interesting mail from M. Gupta from my other personal website EDC Developer in which Gupta asked: “Custom Function not working. Hi Anayansi, I have developed a custom function in C# for Central designer but looks like it is not even executing could you please share the steps toContinue reading “Central Designer : Custom Function”

Central Designer – Troubleshooting Tips

If an edit check or function fails to behave as expected, it is time to use your ‘troubleshooting’ skills. The following tips may help you when you are troubleshooting rules in InForm: Rules: check if rules are running check the rule logic check Rule Dependencies: a rule on a form has access to items onContinue reading “Central Designer – Troubleshooting Tips”

Central Designer aCRF Generation

aCRF casebook ;- PDF file 1. Project Explorer – click on the 2nd level study name 2. File ->; Annotated Study Book Options 3. Uncheck Time and Events table 4. Uncheck Study Object Description Tables 5. Change date variable format to match eCRF ;map, setting is not noted on aCRF output 6. File ->; ViewContinue reading “Central Designer aCRF Generation”