ICD-10 – Coding COVID System

https://journal.ahima.org/ahima-and-a… [Updated December 14] AHIMA and AHA FAQ: ICD-10-CM/PCS Coding for COVID-19 Every single American needs to reevaluate how they are viewed by health insurance companies.. the accuracy, and honesty behind your Healthcare is in no way shape or form the number one priority for any insurance company. What truly defines the priorities of allContinue reading “ICD-10 – Coding COVID System”

Data Management Plan – Coding and Reconciliation

All Adverse Events and Previous/Concomitant Medication should be coded and/or approved prior and during the trial. Before adverse event terms can be reported or analyzed, they must be grouped based on their similarities. For example, headache, mild headache and acute head should all be counted as the same kind of event. This is done byContinue reading “Data Management Plan – Coding and Reconciliation”