Case Study 4: A Full Data Management Solution

Working in a Collaborative Environment The Scenario: A phase II study was being managed by a CRO that had non-dedicated teams, escalating costs, with project timelines slipping on almost every deliverable. RA eClinica Solution: RA eClinica assumed responsibility for entire data management activities consisting of Data Management, Study Build / EDC Development, and Statistics andContinue reading “Case Study 4: A Full Data Management Solution”

Case Study 2: Supporting the Sponsor with Database Transfer Solution

Assisting the Sponsor with Database Transfer Solution   The Scenario: The Sponsor required a large safety and data management team to assist with a submission deadline requiring the transfer of data to a new safety database for clinical trials and post-marketed products. RA eClinica Solution: RA eClinica responsible for AE/SAE reporting, safety coding, NDA submissionContinue reading “Case Study 2: Supporting the Sponsor with Database Transfer Solution”

Case Study 1: Stand Alone Satellite Office Solution

Integrated Into Sponsor’s Clinical Data Management (CDM) Environment         The Scenario: The Sponsor was in need of a data management team to function in an integrated manner as an extension of the Sponsor’s CDM team. Based on geographic and office constraints, coupled with the large volume of work, hiring individual contract resourcesContinue reading “Case Study 1: Stand Alone Satellite Office Solution”

Clirinx EDC Demo

Quick overview of Clirinx EDC RA eClinica is a established consultancy company for all essential aspects of statistics, clinical data management and EDC solutions. Our services are targeted to clients in the pharmaceutical and biotech sector, health insurers and medical devices. The company is headquarter in Panama City and representation offices with business partners inContinue reading “Clirinx EDC Demo”