EVEN ATTACKS BY MEANS OF NEGATIVE REVIEWS CANNOT STOP THE TRUTH TO BE EXPOSED. No kidding! The arrogance of these people who think they can mea culpa and continue as if they still have any relevant answers! But still, her verbage is probably more about how they didn’t implement the agenda as well as expected,Continue reading “CDC MEA CULPA”

This is a serial killer

This is a serial killer She KNOWS what she’s doing, that’s the scary part of it Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that mightContinue reading “This is a serial killer”


PFIZER AND CDC COMMITTED FRAUD BY WITHHOLDING CRITICAL DATA RESULTING IN HARM AND DEATH TO MILLIONS! There are people out in the world that legitimately believe that they need me to get a vaccine in order for their 4 vaccine shots to work. I randomly think about that sometimes and laugh out loud – CandaceContinue reading “#SCIENTIFICFRAUD: PFIZER AND CDC COMMITTED FRAUD”

Microplastic particles — present in many COVID-19 masks

The study from Great Britain discovered microplastic particles — present in many COVID-19 masks — in the lung tissue of 11 out of 13 patients undergoing surgery. Polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) were the most prevalent substances present in the lungs. The plastic dust and microscopic debris comprises the same plastics used to manufactureContinue reading “Microplastic particles — present in many COVID-19 masks”

Remdesivir: A Child Sacrifice

Child Sacrifice: The FDA Approved Remdesivir Based on a Trial in Which 3 out of 53 Children Died The trial was conducted by Gilead, the developer of remdesivir, and there was no control group. The mortality rate of children with no treatment against COVID is 0.005% (1 in 20,000 die). Based on this trial, theContinue reading “Remdesivir: A Child Sacrifice”

Masks are Harmful—breeding Pathogenic Bacteria…

Dr. Ariyana Love, ND, [Apr 9, 2022]  Masks are Harmful—breeding Pathogenic Bacteria, filtering clean Oxygen & supporting toxic CO2 inhalation which breaks down the immune system.  Negative Mask Health Effects: • • • • • • Toxic CO2 Inhalation caused by masks: Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is madeContinue reading “Masks are Harmful—breeding Pathogenic Bacteria…”

Del Bigtree Sues CDC Over Mask Mandate

After the White House and Congress dropped their mask mandates last week, Del Bigtree said, “enough is enough” and, through his attorneys, has now sued the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) challenging its mandate requiring masks on planes, trains, and buses. It is incredible that our elected leaders have dropped mask mandates for themselves butContinue reading “Del Bigtree Sues CDC Over Mask Mandate”


The Great Dr. Vernon Coleman. I love it when he gets on a roll. I still see plenty of fools wearing masks. They are now not requiring the employees to wear a mask at my local Walmart…if you are fully vaccinated. There will apparently be a lot of job openings at Walmart in the nextContinue reading “CHRONIC MASKITIS -DR. VERNON COLEMAN”

1000 Studies Published Peer-Reviewed

Health Freedom Defense Fund, [Jan 8, 2022] MASKS Peer-reviewed science papers that prove that prolonged use of masks causes hypercapnia, hypoxia and hypoxemia and irreversible brain damage – and can exacerbate illness. Probably the Best Article yet written on the entire mask psyop (psychological operation). Dr Kelly Brogan: reading “1000 Studies Published Peer-Reviewed”

MASK SLAVERY – Are People Who Still Wear Masks Suffering From a Mental Illness?

DO NOT COMPLY. IT IS NOT ABOUT A VIRUS OR HEALTH. IT IS ABOUT PROFIT AND CONTROL.mask – MASK SLAVERY – Are People Who Still Wear Masks Suffering From a Mental Illness? The New American host asks the audience … Do you want to be a slave or a critical thinker? January 7, 2022 –Continue reading “MASK SLAVERY – Are People Who Still Wear Masks Suffering From a Mental Illness?”