Drain the Swamp

If you admire the leadership of USA Donald Trump then you are deluded beyond believe. President Trump promises he will “drain the swamp” if he’s reelected, but many of his appointees have lobbying or corporate ties. Trump is draining our country of resources and decency. drain the swamp [dreyn th uh swomp] WHAT DOES DRAIN THE SWAMP MEAN? DrainContinue reading “Drain the Swamp”

End-of-Project Lessons Learned

Below is an example agenda for a half-day lessons learned meeting at the end of a project (sometimes called a Project Closeout Meeting). It includes: who should attend. meeting objectives. meeting deliverables. agenda items showing a suggested sequence of team discussion, brainstorming, and analysis by which the team can agree upon what went well onContinue reading “End-of-Project Lessons Learned”