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WHO, GATES Foundation Hack

L.A. County Antibody Tests Suggest the Fatality Rate for COVID-19 Is Much Lower Than People Feared

Hackers hacked Bill Gates, WHO and CDC websites?

Will we know the truth about the Certificate of Vaccination ID (COVID)?

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Covid 19 And 5G – What’s The Connection?

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” -Mark Twain

Go to the CDC, copy this and search”” COVID-19-guidelines-final.pdf “” and read into how they changed they way Drs are to report deaths of people WITH COVID, sent out for all hospitals and is a public doc… They changed so that if you die and have the COVID RNA and have PRE conditions to mark down that COVID was the factor of death ( plus on the same document says “we will not confirm later”) they changed it on April,1,2020 the same day we have seen a spike on the fear-mongering John Hopkins COVID fake death map. Worth using to ask friends and family to question that. Oh and on that doc, it says also to mark COVID as the factor of death even if you “presume”. I s*** you not that word is quoted in the document…

Anyone dying at the hospital these days is classified as “COVID-19′ death.


The David Icke 

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Zwaarden Zeven – 7 of Swords

These are the difficult cards in the tarot – not difficult to read, their meaning is clear, but difficult to bear. Here, someone is sneaking in and stealing swords. However, two swords remain, you are not defenseless and possibly you didn’t really need all 7 of those swords, so perhaps with hindsight, you can see that it wasn’t all bad. But in the moment, you feel the searing heat of loss but worse than loss, the sense that things were purposefully/maliciously taken from you. You will feel betrayed or deceived.

In this card’s image, we see someone apparently sneaking away from an enemy camp, carrying five swords in his arms. He has one sword that’s actually his, and – oops! – in his haste to get away unnoticed, he’s dropped another one. While his intentions are good – he’s taking the swords so the enemy can’t fight – really, his actions are putting everyone involved at a disadvantage: the “enemy” can no longer take any action at all towards a solution, and in stealing the swords (and dropping one) our protagonist has been deceitful and will certainly be found out. While the conflict that started it all was unpleasant, the choice to be dishonest creates a new level of struggle, and one that can only be resolved through admitting the wrongdoing and returning agency to everyone involved – each needs their own sword. It is so important to consider every perspective when deciding on a course of action!

Zwaarden Zeven staat voor het vermogen om dingen te doorzien, een helder denkend verstand en scherpzinnigheid.

Ook kan de kaart aangeven dat je “er stiekem tussen uit knijpt”, waarschijnlijk omdat je niet wilt dat er bepaalde aspecten van jezelf aan het licht komen. Het is bij Zwaarden Zeven niet altijd duidelijk wie de bedrieger is. Ben je zelf de boosdoener of ben je het slachtoffer.



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