Repost from The Highwire with Del Bigtree Over the past month, Covid-19 vaccine trials have repeatedly paused as participants continue to report adverse events, but a recent event revealed a death in AstraZeneca’s trial currently underway in Brazil. With few details being made available to the public, what do you need to know about this latestContinue reading “DEATH DURING COVID VACCINE TRIAL”

Are you Fit for 2022?

For many of us “being fit” means “being able to provide for one’s own life and wellbeing”.  So what does it mean when I company tells you we need to be fit for 2022? Fit for 2022 is a fancy term for ‘we need to lay-off X people more if we want to make itContinue reading “Are you Fit for 2022?”

Choosing a Successful Clinical Trial Management System [CTMS]

Steps towards a successful CTMS: Exploring the benefits of clinical trial management system (CTMS) The benefits of mapping and developing an enterprise wide solution include6: Centralizing decentralized departments Optimizing institutional review board (IRB) functionality Realizing real-time data available to both investigators and leadership Decreasing bottlenecks in knowledge transfer between various entities involved in research ReducingContinue reading “Choosing a Successful Clinical Trial Management System [CTMS]”