Using PROC PRINT to Validate Clinical Data

Using PROC PRINT to Validate Clinical Data When your data isn’t clean, you need to locate the errors and validate them.  We can use SAS Procedures to determine whether or not the data is clean. Today, we will cover the PROC PRINT procedure. First step is to identify the errors in a raw data file.Continue reading “Using PROC PRINT to Validate Clinical Data”

From Non-SAS Programmer to SAS Programmer Part II

Previously, we wrote about how you can become a SAS Programmer with little or no programming background. Today, I want to share a new link where you can download SAS Studio for free and practice. I have to give a thank to Andrew from statskom for the tip. Visit his blog for more SAS tips. HereContinue reading “From Non-SAS Programmer to SAS Programmer Part II”

Did You Know?

Did You Know? » PROC CDISC? It is a new SAS procedure that is available as a hotfix for SAS 8.2 version. It is available by default for SAS 9.1.3 and latest versions. PROC CDISC is a procedure that allows SAS programmers to import and export XML files that are compliant with the CDISC ODMContinue reading “Did You Know?”