PHARMAKEIA DRUGS, BLACK MAGIC & THE END TIMES. PART 1 (DELETED ODD TV VIDEO, JANUARY 2021) #COVIDVACCINE #LUCIFERIANS #PLANDEMIC A Mad World: Part III, The Beginning of The End. The Encore. A comprehensive film regarding the covid plandemic, covid vaccines and the Luciferians plan to enslave all of humanity. PLEASE ALSO WATCH THE FOLLOWINGContinue reading “PHARMAKEIA”

India Rises Up Against Mandatory Masks!

Repost from The Consciousresistance This Independence Day, we make it clear to the people of India as well as the Government that we don’t want masks to be mandatory. We, the people of India have had enough! Let us dissolve the fear of corona from everyone’s minds. Flier in Hindi: here  or here The truthContinue reading “India Rises Up Against Mandatory Masks!”

Lymelight 1: Who put the Babe in Babesia? / Who put the Core in Corona?

Repots from vaccinefraud Welcome to the next Jordan Meme:  All of The Above. Of course, I put it a tiny bit more irreverently inside the video. Corona is a cover for the true Pandemic that has been infecting people since the 1940s and is at CRISIS LEVEL PROPORTIONS but cannot so will not be admittedContinue reading “Lymelight 1: Who put the Babe in Babesia? / Who put the Core in Corona?”