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As jobless claims have hit all-time highs in America, some billionaires have cashed in during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine and Adverse Reactions


A lot of people have spent this fourth of July, probably maybe unemployed for the first time or underemployed or worried about their jobs.

You know because of the downturn and the economy because of this Cove in nineteen crisis, not some people, though, looking at the first headline we have from Forbes healthcare billionaires, have gotten richer off the corona virus pandemic number one on this list, perhaps not surprisingly, if you Watch this show is Stefan Bansal.

He is the CEO of vaccine maker.

Moderna moderna was in the news they they received.

Four hundred and eighty three million dollars from HHS to develop their vaccine.

His network net worth row is a hundred and nine percent from seven hundred and seventeen million to 5 billion, so there you go, the rest was to numbers again.

We went from where to where we went from.

As far as percentages is his net worth rose.

A hundred nine percent from seven seven hundred and seventeen million to one point: five billion.

So congratulations, Stefan you’re a billionaire now good on you bro, a company that has not produced a single working, drug or vaccine.

Yet to date you are making money and failing forward.



That’S incredible: America, America!

You gotta love this place all right.

Well, the Restless basically comprises people that created antibody tests, investors in biotech stocks and makers of generic drugs, so on and so forth, but you know going back to Modena just for one second, because this is kind of the highlight of this list.



It was interesting because, a couple weeks ago, stat news had a report.

It’S it showed that their chief technical officer and their chief medical officer dumped all their shares once the run up of this stock happened.

So once they got that green light for the vaccine development, their shares skyrocketed, these guys exited know Stefan Bissau he only.

He only sold nine percent of his shares, but still came out with a couple million.

So that’s just an interesting data point when it comes to that.

This is how these people are acting when it comes to this vaccine and as it stands right now, Wall Street says moderno is is basically number two.

The oxford vaccine is number one in the race, but you know this: this horse race could change anytime soon, Wow one of the house, because a couple of people got sick during the moderna trials and we haven’t really heard from them.

Since I wonder, if that’s got, people scared, you know on this list, did Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos for any of these Silicon Valley.

Tycoons make the list not this particular list out of Forbes, but Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos did have an increase in value.

A couple couple billion dollars off the top of my head, but one person to focus on is Mark Zuckerberg.

Some of the recent headlines have been kind of what was me Mark Zuckerberg.



He lost seven billion dollars because companies were pulling their advertising money like coca-cola Hershey’s.

Ford so on and so forth, and I guess we’re supposed to feel sorry for him, because what he wasn’t policing his platform good enough to get rid of the disinformation.

What he’s doing enough?

Yes, so 7 billion, he loses.

What was him, however, during this coronavirus crisis he his net worth, has gone up.

Twenty eight point: seven billion dollars, that’s over fifty percent, so you know I have a hard time feeling bad for the guy, but I think this is just this.

This seven billion dollar loss and advertisers pulling is just cover for Facebook to do a kind of a heavier handed censorship.

You know we’ve seen it we’ve seen it the drum beating up for the last couple months with the anti-vaxxers quote-unquote and other information that flies in the face of pharmaceutical dollars.


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