Adverse Reaction Database (VAERS)

Have you had an adverse reaction to covid vaccine? You can report it here



CV19 Vaccine deaths logged on CDC website.

Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. (VAERS) The link is currently down of course. How convenient.

An Anon collected the information and transferred it to a PDF for us.

This is a reporting system that ANYBODY can submit adverse reactions to. Not just heath care professionals. There is a disclaimer at the beginning you should read. Also, if you want more information on each case you can click on the blue “VAERS ID” number in the left hand column.

Here are all the links I talked about in the video:
Moderna site:

WHO admits hoax using PCR test

David Martin’s dossier is available to the general public for download NOW! #TheFauciCovid19Dossier #DavidMartinWorld #FauciDossier

#Plandemic because it was ALL planned. The BLUE PRINT for WORLD DOMINATION

Other Resources:


Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects World Map


MHRA Yellow Card Reporting: –

VAERS Reporting: –

Canada SAR: –

German SAR: –

Europe SAR: –

Independent ADR Reporting System: –

Pfizer ADR Reporting System: –

Astrazeneca ADR Reporting: –

NIH Study: –

Database is being manipulated and data being scrubbed…

Doctors and Nurses are being told NOT to report adverse reactions to the VACCINES database #VAERS

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