Employee motivation in the workplace

The job of a manager in the workplace is to get things done through employees. To do this the manager should be able to motivate employees. But that’s easier said than done! Motivation practice and theory are difficult subjects, touching on several disciplines. In spite of enormous research, basic as well as applied, the subjectContinue reading “Employee motivation in the workplace”

From Non-SAS Programmer to SAS Programmer Part II

Previously, we wrote about how you can become a SAS Programmer with little or no programming background. Today, I want to share a new link where you can download SAS Studio for free and practice. I have to give a thank to Andrew from statskom for the tip. Visit his blog for more SAS tips. HereContinue reading “From Non-SAS Programmer to SAS Programmer Part II”

Marketing without Research

The topic of marketing research is an excellent place to start learning about marketing. A marketing campaign is only as good as the research that backs it up. Consider the case of Coca Cola introducing “New Coke”, replacing their traditional formula. The product caused such a sensation that television programs were interrupted to tell consumers.Continue reading “Marketing without Research”

Do You Have a Team?

A team is a group of individuals who see themselves and are seen by others as a social entity, which is interdependent because of the tasks performed as members of a group. Not every member works well together. We have team members that are passive-aggressive, others that do not participate and do not turn inContinue reading “Do You Have a Team?”

Team Collaboration and Conflict

Conflict is inevitable and can be positive. Sometimes the person who disagrees actually does have a better way. Conflict is a natural result of change, but to manage it properly, we must focus on the facts, not the emotions. In other words; focus on the problem, not the person. Ineffective team collaboration is one ofContinue reading “Team Collaboration and Conflict”

Project Plan: CDISC Implementation

CDISC standards have been in development for many years. There are now methodologies and technologies that would make the transformation of non-standard data into CDISC-compliance with ease. Clinical trials have evolved and become more complex and this requires a new set of skills outside of clinical research – Project Management. As with many projects, CDISCContinue reading “Project Plan: CDISC Implementation”

What Is In A Name Besides Letters?

Disclaimer: This is based on a fictional story in this fictional world. Deciding on a name for your company or product is among the first steps an entrepreneur takes. Entrepreneurs often angst over the perfect name for their EDC tool. That name is a break or make deal for many. Your users will either identifyContinue reading “What Is In A Name Besides Letters?”

Project Manager: Influences

As a project manager, you should be familiar with a variety of techniques to manage and motivate your team. One way of developing the team is to start a ‘team development’ process to enhance or develop a person’s skills both within the group, and individually, for the goal of enhancing project performance. Team development isContinue reading “Project Manager: Influences”

Society of the Sojourner – Part II

Well it’s been quite a journey since my last post – sojourner. To sum it up I would say that I have come to the realisation that the world we live in, with its social structures that we have come accustomed to, are quite different than what they appear.

Your Strongest Characteristics

The reason I am writing is that I am looking for a new challenge and I felt we might have some areas for discussion, or at least you might be able to point me in the right direction. My services basically represent a low-cost alternative to the traditional consultancy companies, which usually demand high pricesContinue reading “Your Strongest Characteristics”