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Anayansi is an EDC Developer Consultant and clinical programmer for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry with more than 14 years of experience.

Available for short-term contracts or ad-hoc requests. See my specialties section (Oracle, SQL Server, EDC Inform, EDC Rave, OpenClinica, SAS and other CDM tools) for more details.

As the 3 C’s of life states: Choices, Chances and Changes- you must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change. I continually seek to implement means of improving processes to reduce cycle time and decrease work effort.

Who am I?

I am someone who influence my own development. I look for a company where I have the opportunity to pursue my interests across functions and geographies, and where a job title is not considered the final definition of who I am, but the starting point.


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12 thoughts on “About this blog”

  1. Hi! I’m Anayansi Gamboa and I’ll be providing you with an insider’s view into the world of an EDC Developer also referred to as Clinical Database Programmer within the Data Management in the clinical trials and clinical research.

    Follow me along as we offer up practical information to help you become a better EDC Developer.

  2. Hello Anayansi. I’m interested in becoming a EDC Developer. What are the tools I should learn, and can you provide information on where I might find these tools.

    Thank you,


    1. Riley,
      There is no a particular set of skills. If you are already in the IT industry, you could apply for jobs in the pharmaceutical industry.

      If you want to become an EDC developer then you will need other industry related training (e.g. medical terminology, regulations, company standards, etc).

      If you would like to become a SAS programmer, then my recommendation would be to enroll for SAS courses and become a SAS certified professional. Due to the financial crisis that it is affecting many countries, as you know, it is getting difficult to find work due to outsourcing, cost-savings or too many applicants available for the same job.

      In order to learn specific EDC technologies I have described on this website, then you will certainly need to be in the industry. The company will pay for your training for a specific vendor related EDC tool. There are no public training for some specific EDC related tools. An entry-level job in data management would you get there.

      I hope I have answered your questions.

      Anayansi Gamboa
      EDC Developer

  3. Hi! Anayansigamboa I’m a newbie EDC developer.
    I’m developing an application USSD at EDC.
    And my trouble is how i can receive message from provider,
    after entering numbers into the textfield available on USSD?

    I hope I can get enlightenment from you 😀

    Thanks Before.
    EDC Developer

  4. Hi Ana, This is Parul. Just wanted to know what should I do to get more depth knowledge about RAVE.

    1. Hi Parul,
      If you work for a company that is using Medidata Rave, ask to gain access to MyMedidata portal. This is a Medidata users group community where knowledge sharing is provided. There are also a lot of documentations available for download (e.x. manuals, best practices, checklists, etc).

      If you do not or cannot gain access to this website, ask Medidata directly for training information. Usually, only employees of a sponsor / client are allowed to take advantage of Medidata Rave training. There is no public offering of courses for anyone not related to the industry or not working with the tool.

      Hope I have answer your question. If not, feel free to contact me privately.

  5. Hi Ana,

    This is Siva Annamalai.

    Great to read your blogs which gives me a lot about becoming a EDC Developer!

    1. Hi Siva, glad you join us and thanks for your comments.

      About this page…As everything in life is contract, I am giving full disclosure up front. You know we all have those ‘invincible contracts’, we are forced to comply but we have never seen a piece of paper. That’s why the disclosure on top of this page.

      I hope you find the information you were looking for. Cheers!

  6. Hi Ana – I have an Oracle DBA in my database programming group who would like to transition into an EDC Developer. While he has great programming skills and understanding of relational databases, he is new to clinical research. He is looking for training that would help him apply his programming skills to the collection of clinical trial data (EDC development/testing and edit check development/testing). Is there any non-platform specific training out there that would help him understand the concepts of the protocol and how to relate that back to data capture systems? We can train him on our platform, but he needs to understand the concepts to be effective. I’ve thought about CCDM, but those concepts focus more on the cleaning of the data as opposed to how to set up data collection screens and edit checks.

    Thanks for any input.

    1. Hi Terilynn,

      CCDM or similar non-profit views are good resources. Each EDC vendor also offers platform-specific, best-practiced training courses. My company offers clinical research training (with more focus on EDC and data management concepts) if you would be interested. Depending on the platform used to build an clinical trial (though you mentioned you have your own platform?), tour DBA is already ahead with his technical skills. Some EDC tools are more technical oriented, challenging than others and you will still need specific training for that particular tool. Clinical research concepts are learned on the job and trough out his career as you know, as regulation requirements, you must update your skill levels each year.

      Good luck and let me know if we can help you with anything EDC/CDM specific training @ raeclinica.eu

  7. Hi Ana,

    Thank you for these resources. I am an EDC developer myself and I have been working on Inform/Central Designer for over the past 4 years. Have you used pfconsole utility for pfimport? I have used it for automating MedML installer xml cooking however I am facing an issue while automating PFImport xmls. The user guide provided by PF/Oracle is not helping this case.


    PFImport [-?] [-autorun] [-verbose] [-parse] [-trial ] [-errstop] -norules [[/accountparams:path_to_password_file] [@] [-xml …]] [-template ] [-import ]

    My command line:

    PFCONSOLE PFImport -autorun -verbose -trial g15592 /accountparams:E:\system_pwd.txt -xml .\enroll.xml

    Parameters in my file:

    I am getting an error “Parameter file is missing parameter uid and pid.

    I can successfully run the command line without accountparams but I have to manually key in username and password

    Could you please try to fix my command line or try and let me know?



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