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Please note: I do not write communist manifesto or any kind of manifesto (Those are the jobs of the CIA, FBI, MI6, ISIS-Israel Mossad when they execute their false flags events). I am not taking any psychiatric drugs or any pharmaceutical of any kind. I avoid them like a plague.  I trust GOD and my immune system.

I am not part of this system we live in. No right or left paradigm; no communism; no socialism; no corporatism (Fascism). I do not believe in government. I believe in freedom. Freedom of choice. I am a free human (person is a legalese term created by a corporation called ‘government’). I was born alone and planning on dying alone. I am against the crowd mentality (read The Crowd by Gustave Le Bon).  The so called “for the greater good or groupthink”…go to HELL with that stupid narrative. It doesn’t fit my life and how I was raised. My beliefs to my GOD – my spiritual life. Apply critical thinking on everything that you do.

I do not know anything about races. This is only a word used a lot in the United States. Where I grew up, race does not exists. I am black, white and indian native american. That’s how I always saw myself. I have no color. Racism only exists when you watch CNN, NBC, Fox or the mainstream media. The so called ‘Fake news’.

I have met so many wonderful people throughout my life from different cultures and backgrounds. I live in Europe for several years.  It was nice to be around people without thinking about race or sex. I almost forgot racism even exists. It only exists from the control media and the corporations promoting it.

Some people called me ‘conspiracy theorist’. I like to call myself ‘realist or spiritual‘. All of my conspiracies have come to pass or about to. I am too connected to my GOD. I am near nature. When you connect with nature and animals, you can see through the lies around you.

Peace and love…

P.S. If I die between 2020-2030 (see Agenda 2030), I did NOT DIE OF COVID, FROM COVID or WITH COVID. COVID does NOT EXISTS. Therefore, if for some reason my Death Certificate shows COVID, it was for the HOSPITALS and DOCTORS to make MONEY $$$.  Afterall, our own government is behind the COVID HOAX by paying hospitals to LIE (Hospitals Paid to Kill).

I’d rather die standing than live on my knees. I will never take any vaccines of ANY kind. I will never have tracking devices implanted in my body. I will never comply to the social credit and Digital ID. No to the UN/W.H.O. Agenda 2030/BuildBackBetter/TheGreatReset.

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.” —1984, George Orwell

7 thoughts on “Contact Me!”

  1. The depopulation agenda we are about to face is going to happen, but in an outrageously evil way, much worse than anybody ever thought.
    Some of us think the reason for this mass vaccination is to destroy the economies, damaging the health, even causing the death of vaccinated people so the Elite could gain more money, power and control. News and fears circulating the internet about the vaccinated people becoming virus-producing/shedding/transmitting machines that will kill themselves and people around them, might have some truth in them! Yes! But that would result in the survival of mostly unvaccinated people, who are anti system, open minded and not suitable for future slaves!
    Thinking that people who planned it are malefic, we believe there is something even worse and WICKED hidden behind this “pandemic” and Elite already found the way to depopulate earth by a completely DIFFERENT METHOD than any theory you might have heard of!
    The facts we gathered and connected indicates that a calculated, selective (not a random) depopulation will happen as follows:
    1. Genetically engineer a 100% deadly virus (NOT Covid19),
    2. Genetically engineer and create a simple virus which was Covid19,
    3. Release only the simplest version (Covid19) and start a pandemic. Do not spread the deadly virus yet,
    4. Produce Moderna mRNA vaccine to be effective against Covid 19 and ALSO against 100% deadly virus (bellow it is explained why Moderna is the tool to achieve this plan),
    5. Divide and place the world population into age, health and profession groups and set vaccination time priorities (using World Health Organisation advised Covid 19 vaccination program),
    6. Delay deliveries and delay the usage of Moderna vaccines late enough, so that most of old and sick population were already vaccinated with other vaccine brands. In this way, Moderna vaccines would reach mostly to the younger and healthier part of the population,
    7. Vaccinate planned number of people from the target categories (young and healthy) with Moderna,
    8. Release and spread the 100% deadly virus (or any other deadly pathogen)! Mostly Moderna vaccine immunised people would survive, to be used as future slaves of the 4’th industrial revolution.
    This plan will result in:
    ➢ elimination of all unvaccinated people,
    ➢ elimination of all vaccinated people with other brands than Moderna,
    ➢ elimination of most of old people, people with chronic diseases, people with handicaps as defined by the priority risk groups of WHO’s Covid19 vaccination program (because most of these people were vaccinated with other brands before Moderna vaccines started to be used),
    ➢ world population would go down to approximate desired number of people (equal to the approximate number of people vaccinated with Moderna) and only from the countries where Moderna vaccines are sold!
    ➢ elimination of almost all the world’s authorities and resetting all political, judicial, financial and medical systems, erasing all governments and setting the One World Government, (because authorities and all political, judicial, medical and defence system workers were given priorities and vaccinated with other brands before Moderna vaccines started to be used). Even more important detail is the fact that in approximately 150 countries where Moderna is not sold, together with the population, their governments would be also erased! Please contact me for details,

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    1. The whole reason of this pandemic is using Moderna mrna code to give immunusation actually against a deadlier version of sarscov-2 to planned numbers of people.
      A version engieneered together with sarscov-2 to bypass all human defence mechanisms regardless of the ethnic gene deferences, when it is released in the future, capable of eliminating everybody. Only planned number of Moderna vaccinated (against this lethal version), mostly young and healthy people would survive.
      Could you contact me to send you a document with all the related data to this claim?

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