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If you would like to watch a comprehensive film regarding the covid plandemic, vaccines and the globalists plan to enslave all of humanity please watch the following film-
A Mad World: Part III, The Beginning of The End. The Encore.

Here’s a list of all the “Become One That Can See” original Films:

A Mad World: The Beginning Of The End. Part 1, The Film.

A Mad World; The Beginning Of The End. Part II, The Final Symphony.

The Satanic Matrix: Part I, The Slavery Of The Mind. The Film.

Satan, The god of This World. Be Not Deceived, The Film.

The Church Of The Remnant: Message #1, Falling Away To The Antichrist.

This Is Not My Home: A Symphony Of Hope, The Concert.

Trump And The Q Deception: Trust The Plan And Stay Asleep, The Film.

Luciferian Pedophiles: The Monsters That Walk Amoung Us. Part 1, Pizzagate.

Luciferian Pedophiles: The Monsters That Walk Among Us. Part II, Hollywood & Disney.

Conspiracy Of Silence: Child Lives Matter, The Film.

Absurdity Becomes The Normal…A Satanic Principle, The Film.

Kanye West: An Angel Of Light, The Film.

Flat Earth: Let God Be True, And Every Man A Liar. The Film.

Artificial Life: Clones & Synthetics, The Film.

Mandela Effect: A New Dimension, The Short Film.

Mandela Effect: Lucifer’s Machine Part I, The Design.

Mandela Effect: Lucifer’s Machine Part ll, The Construct.

Mandela Effect: Samson And Delialah. MUST SEE!

Mandela Effect: OJ Simpson Now Tries On Two Gloves.

Recommended reading:
Jamie Hanshaw- Operation: Culture Creation Volume 1, 2 & 3

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