First Amendment Violation: U.S. government, CDC colluded with Google, Twitter, Facebook

U.S. government, CDC colluded with Google, Twitter, Facebook to censor important information about experimental covid vaccines.

I love when the evidence comes right out of the CRIMINALS’ own mouths

These are the emails between CDC Director of Digital, Carol Crawford telling Google, Twitter, and Facebook how they want them to censor and requiring lists of individual accounts!

Talk about a smoking gun!

Don’t confuse the terms Misinformation and Disinformation with lies and assume that information is the truth.
This is 1984 Newspeak. If you haven’t read the book 1984 by George Orwell, we highly suggest you do.

“Misinformation” has nothing to do with Facts or Truth. “Information from source” is what they call “Information”, ie from Government, the Military Industrial Complex, Big Pharma, Big Corp and Big Tech calling themselves Elite.

“Misinformation” is simply “Not information from source” whether it is true or not. “Disinformation” is simply Information (true or not) that disagrees with “Source Information”.

Tedros is a PUPPET working for the corrupt organization dictating health and wellbeing of people. He is neither a doctor nor an expert to dictate the world but messaging to suppress freedom of speech and expression, taking away public fundamental rights.

Source: Dr Jane Ruby

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. DHHS IG investigates CDC collusion with social media companies, including Facebook, Google, and Twitter, to push illegal covert propaganda. Records prove Biden Admin and Big Tech mislead public on pandemic; censored users who dissented.

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