The variants are fake…

The variants are fake and the reason I know that is because there’s no way to diagnose them

And the original organism has never been demonstrated in its whole purified form

But they have to keep telling you they’re finding new ones to explain the numbers of people that are suffering and dying with impaired immune function, from the shots, manifesting as multiple diseases, including cancer, heart attacks and strokes.

Be prepared for them to pull some shock and awe event prior to the November election

They are desperate to shut everything down again and go through one more iteration of a fake election.

I highly recommend the CDC protocol of Remdesivir infusions and a ventilator immediately to save our president!

Source: Dr Jane Ruby

WEF – No citizen anywhere in the world voted for this organisation. With its dystopian visions of a future that decides yours, without your input.

They were a joke, but now they are deadly serious and embedded in your government.

Resist 🔥

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