DOD and Pfizer Sending Fake Comirnaty Vials to Coast Guard

Dr. Jane Blows open the DOD’s dirty tricks being played on our military as they shuffle and race to ship out Pfizer Biontech EUA vials of God knows what, and slapping on labels with conflicting temperature instructions, untraceable manufacturing origination sites, and made up LOT numbers, many of these vials are showing up at military bases with their internal temperature alarms having gone off, and they’re being told by Ft. Detrick personnel to “just change the expiration dates” randomly.
And in the Natural Health Series, Bee Pollen – what is it and how can it help you remain medically independent and healthy without traditional medicine; and the show concludes with a recap of 3 embalmers – out of many that are pulling never before seen clots out of the jabbed – first seen on the Dr. Jane Ruby show in February.

Pfizer Fraud Exposed: Vaccine Advisory Committee Lied To Get FDA Approval For Babies


23/6/2022 – Watch as Rep. Jim Jordan exposes the Biden Admin’s lies on vaccine efficacy, as Deborah Birx testimony throws a monkey wrench into the narrative.

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