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Late last year the Institute for Health Research and the Natural Solutions Foundation submitted Amicus Briefs in support of the Control Group Case.  That Case is now being presented to the United States Supreme Court and we are once again submitting a supporting brief to vindicate the universal right of Informed Consent. This case has the potential to stop mandate madness, but only if we support it vigorously!

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The Control Group SCOTUS Petition

Here are excerpts from the Petition:

Without a control group to establish a cause-and effect relationship, ‘science’ is not science; it is guesswork. True science requires control groups. Since the start of the National Vaccine Program (enforced by POTUS since 1962), chronic disorders have ballooned in vaccinated people only, while remaining relatively stable in the never-vaccinated population. Logically, the government should study a control group of never-vaccinated people (Petitioners) or at least not destroy their group. Instead, POTUS has directed and managed his subordinates to vaccinate every American, including the control group — the estimated 0.26% threatened group of healthy, never-vaccinated people. Regardless of intentions, and regardless of vaccine safety claims,
the President is destroying evidence. He is destroying control groups’ Fifth Amendment right to exist.

The government admits its mandatory vaccines remain unstudied with a never-vaccinated control group, such as Petitioners’ group (“Control Group”).

Petitioners’ Control Group is necessary to prove any causation of harm. Government data confirm more than one-half of vaccinated Americans suffer lifelong debilitating chronic disorders (i.e., heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disorders). Yet, these disorders affect less than 6% of the never-vaccinated, according to evidence the Control Group introduced in the District Court. Petitioners allege this simple observation proves the President’s mandatory vaccines harm most people. Conversely, for POTUS to continue claiming his vaccines are safe and effective still requires a genuine control group. Either way, the Judiciary is needed to preserve the evidence.

Source: Dr. Rima Open Source Truth

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