The PILL that everyone wants…

The pill that everyone wants…but can’t seem to swallow.-Anonymous

If you still use PCR tests every time you get cold or flu symptoms and you believe the results, you’re going to fall hook, line, and sinker for the whole Monkeypox scam.

You are the carbon footprint that they want reduced.

America’s Frontline Doctors, [May 25, 2022]
WOW: California Assembly Bill 2098 seeks to control doctors’ speech and professional opinions, by expanding State power to discipline those who don’t comply with their narrative.

California is turning tyrannical.

Dr. Tenpenny, [May 15, 2022]
DID YOU KNOW that THEY ALL KNEW 🤔💉☠️ Just published on The Tenpenny Report – They All Knew! #Pfizer #Moderna #ClinicalTrials #FDA #PfizerDocs #CovidVaccine #SideEffects #AdverseEvents #TheTenpennyReport #TheyAllKnew

Ministry of Truth Approved but they ‘forget’ to mention that folks are being Boosted straight into a coffin ……

Dr. Ariyana Love, ND, [May 13, 2022]

We all thought Herpes was a sexually transmitted disease. Turns out it’s a bioweapon!

Herpes Simplex Virus is a patented #bioweapon under the guise of fighting cancer.

The patent specifies ICP34.5 gene deletion & #mRNA vector encoding.

~See patent:

Gene deletion

mRNA encoding

~ See all Herpes patents:

Problem, reaction, solution.

Urgent Information that everyone needs to know!!! Share far and wide. Understand their move and motive!

Are YOU being connected up to the ‘Internet of Things’ and the ‘Internet of Humans’? Watch this short video presentation that ALL humans are being poisoned with graphene oxide! Here is the link:

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