The NWO coming for the GUNS #CRISISACTORS

Health Ranger, [May 26, 2022]
BREAKING: Why did #Uvalde police stand outside and do nothing while Texas shooter rampaged through Robb Elementary School?

– They stood down and ALLOWED the shooting to continue for 40 minutes.
– Confirmed by Associated Press
– Parents were screaming for police to rush in, but they refused.
– Looks like another STAND DOWN ORDER just like 9/11 and a previous school #shooting
– Another engineered crisis for gun control, clearly

Health Ranger, [May 26, 2022 at 10:06 PM]
This shit is unreal! So now we know:

– The Texas school shooter stood outside, firing his AR for 11 minutes and NOBODY responded.
– Law enforcement stood around for 40 – 60 minutes doing NOTHING while children were being massacred
– Parents who were trying to rush in and rescue their children were TACKLED, pepper-sprayed and HANDCUFFED by US Federal Marshals!

This is 100% a stand down operation, 100% government-run massacre for gun control. No question.

The ZIONISTS JEW not only want to abolish the 1st Amendment with the online censorship, they also need to take the GUNS away for their new world order aka #BuildBackBetter #MarxistAgenda #CommunistAgenda #Agenda2030 to come true. Americans with GUNS are standing on the way of these criminals.

The last battle will come soon.


Reports show that Uvalde police stood outside while little kids were being murdered. Same thing happened in Columbine and Parkland.

If true, fire the cowards and prosecute them for dereliction of duty.


Guns: Never Give A Single Inch On 2A, Crushing The Gun-Grabbing Narrative

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