#PLANDEMIC2.0: Bavarian Nordic, Jynneos Monkeypox vaccine and WEF

The World Economic Forum in 2011 organized an event where Bavarian Nordic shared perspectives on dealing with bio-weapons threats including surveillance and detection, prophylactic vaccines and therapeutics. Bavarian Nordic is now working on the Jynneos Monkeypox vaccine and it’s largest shareholders are partnered with the World Economic Forum.

Source: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2011/12/biological-weapons-countering-the-threat/

Monkeypox Fears May Rescue Endangered Corporations

By Whitney Webb

Two corrupt companies were in rocky financial territory just a few weeks ago. Now, with concerns over a global monkeypox outbreak being hyped by media and global health organizations alike, the worries – and sins – of these two firms are quickly being forgotten.

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Source: Whitney Webb

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