Monkeypox (VaxxPox™) Outbreak Good For Fauci: Fauci Has “Vaccine” Ready For Outbreak

The ONLY way an animal disease can infect humans is by INJECTION and they’re doing so by “vaccination”. They’re infecting humans by POISONING the body so nanoparticles can transfect human cells with cross species genomics. This is gain-of-function bioweaponry!

MonkeyPox is Fauci’s new gold mine. Just one week before the first outbreak of MonkeyPox in Massachussets, Dr. Fauci had the vaccine bought and developed to use. Fauci knows that COVID wasn’t enough to terrify the American people for long, so you couldn’t turn your head to the possibility to strike the people with a brand new, and intimidating plandemic. Dr. Jane Ruby is not shaken, and she is here on The Stew Peters Show to announce the truth about MonkeyPox, and why we should not be looking to get another jab!


Well, well, well….here we go again….Australia Gov.

Using the same pictures for MONKEYPOX as SHINGLES. Shingles is a well known COVAX (corona vaccine) side effect.

So COVID hits and all of a sudden the world is incapable of functioning as it did anymore. We must surrender our rights and sovereignty to our elite overlords to ensure our health, safety and way of life.

Truly surreal that people are still buying this fucking con-job nonsense.

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