Are you sure no corners were cut in the production of the Covid 19 injections?

Eva Vlaardingerbroek, [Feb 9, 2022 ]
Are you sure no corners were cut in the production of the Covid 19 injections?

“Gone are the checks and balances [of] the 1980s that provided the public with some sense of confidence that the medicines being marketed were both effective and safe.”

Studies that should have taken place to establish the safety of the new gene-based therapeutics prior to clinical trials in humans:
1. Acute toxicity assessment in rodents
2. A 14-day repeat-dose study in 2 animal species
3. Pharmacology studies in animal species to establish any possible adverse effects
4. Pharmacokinetic studies to establish the distribution of the gene sequence to other parts of the body following intramuscular injection

“The clinical Phase 3 studies which began as randomised controlled trials have now been unblinded – there is now no control/placebo group. There will be no way of knowing from empirical data whether these ‘vaccines’ have been effective when the trials complete in 2023.”

The pfizer’s PDF says 50% got a placebo. Those of you saying that you took the vaccine and you are fine. Now you know why. #experimental

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