Flies are Dropping Like Vaxxed Soccer and Tennis Players!

So now we have the no.1 tennis player in the world, suspended for not using drugs.
While the same compulsory drugs are dropping other tennis and soccer players and athletes like flies.
Chest pain, stroke, myocarditis, or death anyone?
Let’s see, why has a perfectly healthy man (probably one of the healthiest people in the world), who tested negative for the Covaids, been put in a quarantine camp in Australia, eating slop from a tray… right before being thrown out of the same shithole country?
NoVax Djokovic must be some kind of criminal right? Or just a nasty human being, who:
Gave 1.000.000 euros to Italian hospitals for C19
Gave 1.000.000 euros to Serbian hospitals for C19
Donated money to Australia to fight forest fires
Donated funds to underprivileged kids programs Melbourne city mission
Bought a CT scanner for Belgrade hospital “Dragisa Mišović”
Rented a private plane to transport a girl with a rare disease for treatment in the US
Gave $1,000,000 to the Australian Open for Juniors…
At the very least, he must be a great danger to the Australian sheep and their government shaggers.
Which, of course, is exactly right. Those who are not getting intimidated by bullies, publically standing up to lethal injection mandates, and even worse, not getting sick and dying despite being NoVax… are the most dangerous people in the world.
And it’s not just celebrities or influencers. Any and all public defiance must be punished and made an example of.
  • Today we’re talking about other great philanthropists and benefactors, like Master Soros,
  • WTF is happening in Kazakhstan,
  • And what do the two things have to do with each other…
Just a regular ‘ole day in the New World Mass Suicide.
It’s genius.
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“Baby, oh-oh
You’re just a little loco
Like boats in Acapulco
I’m just riding the wave.
Just a little loco
Emotions like a yoyo
But I love you that way.”
Aah, thanks Lucy…
Posted on DollarVigilante.com on 01/19/2022.

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