Data Integrity and Data Manipulation in Clinical Trials

COVID-19 vaccines are still under clinical trials that does not end in 2022 and 2023 on an accelerated WARP SPEED bioweapon product timelines.

Watch this video to understand how the media, our government (all governments) and the health departments and #FAUCITHEFRAUD keep lying about who is really sick at the hospitals. Most hospitals are empty but for those full of sick people, they are all vaccinated. THey have manipulated the data and the meaning of words #ARTOFWORDS to make it seem like unvaccinated (free of vaccines) are filling up the hospitals.

COVID-19 Agenda, [Jan 13, 2022 ]
Finally revealed the mystery of the unvaccinated in intensive care: all patients with 1 or 2 doses are considered UNVACCINATED.  This is the fraudulent method of tampering with all data.

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