Pediatric Healthcare Whistleblower: HORRIFIC REALITY We All Expected

We MUST BE CLEAR that within the low levels of the matrix, it is easy to control those placed into positions of power by the system — NOT by the PEOPLE & definitely NOT working for the PEOPLE. 💯

These lower positions players MUST follow the orders of their high-ups. They have NO CHOICE. The higher-ups — whether it’s a person, group, corp or institution that placed them into this position has revealed its true dark nature to them. City councils, school & healthcare execs are easy to control — by bribery, blackmail, social pressure, intimidation or threat of physical harm to them and/or their families. 💣💀💣

The predatory nature of workplace corporatocracy intentionally produces psychopaths throughout society & is now very visible, as many fell into line during Convid. Many must do exactly as they are told even when it’s evident that these rules, mandates & demands are illegal, unconstitutional & even directly responsible for human deaths. ☠️

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