GENOCIDE IS COMING…Are you Prepared?

Third Wave is:

  • Hunger and Starvation
  • Vaccine Adverse Reactions
  • 5G activation
  • Mask caused hypoxia and pneumonia
  • Depression and Suicides
  • Criminal activities, thefts, looting, etc.
  • Hyperinflation
  • Adverse effects of CT scans, RT PCR tests, Remdesivir and Plasma therapy.

It will happen unless:

  • We all understand their plans
  • Unite and aware e everyone ir our circle
  • Stop believing in politicians, celebrities, television, BBC, NBC, CNBC, FOX, MSM in general, paid fact checkers, etc.
  • Fight back and do mass protest.
  • It is not an ordinary time. We are at the crossroads in history of mankind.
  • Good vs Evil…

MASKS DON”T WORK…Here’s why: Masks-Final

The Existence of SARS-COV2….


the real problem is here corpocracy — no one talks about them they pull the strings not politicians – they are attached to the strings

left wing – right wing —- same bird

Test sticks from COVID PCR Tests by a hospital in Slovakia confirms GENOCIDE…
This patent mentions Luciferace. If anyone can make sense of it please let us know.

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