Dr. Vladimir Zelenko nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has been included in a group of doctors nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for their role in addressing the coronavirus pandemic. The list of this year’s nominees includes 43 candidates.

Dr. Zelenko achieved worldwide prominence for treating COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine and zinc, finding that mortality dropped 8-fold with use of those two substances. He says treatment with hydroxychloroquine and zinc within the first 5 days reduces death rates by 85%.

Read more about Dr. Zelenko and his COVID protocol that has saved many lives since 2020 here–>


Source: American Front Line Doctors

Dr. Zelenko’s protocol click here–>

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Source: faculty.utrgv.edu/

1. Have faith in God, stop being afraid and use common sense.

2. If you are a moderate to high-risk patient take medicine for prevention.

3. If you get sick, start treatment IMMEDIATELY. Do not wait for test results. Avoid the hospital.

4. If your doctor doesn’t want to treat you, get a new doctor.

5. Do not listen to the cdc, fda, nih, who. Do not listen to the false narrative on Main Street or social media.

6. Do not Inject experimental viral mRNA genetic material into your body.

7. Treatment should include:

-Vitamin C
-Vitamin D
-Antibiotic (usually Azithromycin or doxycycline)
-Zinc Ionophore. Options include
-Other treatment options include
-blood thinners
-monoclonal antibodies

Have faith in the one true God and reject the false wannabe deities that caused this crime against humanity.

Vladimir Zelenko MD

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