The Real Reason the FDA banned NAC – Protection from COVID Spike Protein Damages

There was a research study that showed that spike proteins damages the body, namely, the lungs. Here is the study:

I want to draw your attention to the 3rd slides what shows the “rescue” for the spike protein damage (keeping in mind that that vaccine literally tells your body to make spike protein, amidst the research that it spikes protein damages the body). The study references NAC!!!

Look at the date of the study: March 2021

They took NAC off of the shelves in May, 2021. Why would they inject people with something that they know is harmful, and then take the “remedy” for the damage off of the shelves?!?! We already know the answer. Share this and help wake people up.

..lung damage was apparent in animals receiving Pseu-Spike…thickening of the alveolar septa….impaired gNOS activity…Pseu-Spike which was rescued by treatment with N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC), a reactive oxygen species inhibitor…

…S protein alone can damage vascular endothelial cells (ECs) by downregulating ACE2 and consequently inhibiting mitochondrial function.

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Source: AHA Journals

Effective Against COVID-19: FDA Wants to Ban Dietary Supplement NAC

Conclusion: The Dark Winter is upon us. The FDA, one of the most corrupt agencies of the United States Government, has banned NAC, a potential treatment for millions if not billions of vaccinated people that will die due to the spike proteins. The CDC/FDA banned HQC (Hydroxychloroquine), a safe and effective treatment for COVID. Now you know the real reason FDA banned NAC. They want you DEAD.

NAC-N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (a.k.a. NAC) is an easily-absorbed nutrient with robust benefits for bronchial, respiratory, liver and immune health.

The FDA has now banned the public sale of N-acetylcysteine (NAC), and classifies it as a medication that requires prescription.

NAC is the precursor to glutathione. Glutathione is what detoxes your body from virus, bacteria and toxins. Almost 40% of the population has a gene mutation (MTHFR) that doesn’t allow the body to produce glutathione. Therefore people supplement with NAC daily to help detoxify.

Below another great article about this wonderful supplement called NAC and how can help many to detox.

FDA Threatens to Ban Critical Toxin Protection Supplement

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    1. All of the injections have or produce spike proteins. Hence, stay away from all of them. Millions are dying and more will die soon or a customer of the medical mafia forever. #plandemic for the new world order. All is planned.

      1. Every death from a manmade virus/vaccine needs to be re-classified as a Murder! Now let’s identify and charge the Murderers!!!

  1. Its VERY important to understand EPSTEIN GUILTY Trump’s ROLE in this so you dont make the SAME MISTAKES or support him as he MAKES MORE! CASES NOT DEATHS! EVENT 201 proves this was all a PLANNED FARCE! Understand that Epstein GUILTY Trumpy is a deep state FAKE like all others before him and gave Gates GAVI group a BILLION to FORCE a DNA ALTERING NOT-a-vaccine on YOU using the MILITARY in a ‘powerful way’ Gates controlled and funded Fauci AND Birx and they ALL should be EXECUTED. Trump PARTIED WITH Clintons, Gates and EPSTEIN and AS A DEMOCRAT!

      1. No. I don’t vote. Your vote doesn’t change anything. And 20/20 the Democrats committed FRAUD. They are ALL selected. Puppets for the Zionists jews. Those are the enemies of America. They destroyed Germany and they are doing the same to America. Get ready since it is just the beginning. Everything the BIDEn gov is pushing has socialism agendas behind it. Everything! And we know how socialist countries eventually end.

  2. This needs to be challenged in court. The FDA needs to prove that NAC is harmful. Of course, it is not. FDA is a long corrupt organization that does the bidding for bio-tech corporations and have a revolving door policy with them. Sad to say that under Biden, this only looks to get worse.

  3. Job chapter 13 verse 4: “But ye are forgers of lies, ye are all physicians of no value.”
    Jeremiah chapter 33 verse 6: “Behold, I will bring it health and cure, and I will cure them, and will reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth.”
    Psalms 116 verse 8: “For thou hast delivered my soul from death, mine eyes from tears, and my feet from falling.”

    This moment is the time to trust & believe the LORD like never before. Please let Him direct you on the right path. Thank You

    1. Naproxen = Aleve…I was not aware of this.. Thanks for the tip..Out of the nineteen (19) FDA approved drugs, 18 inhibited 6LU7 and 13 inhibited 6VXX. High-ranked drugs based on binding properties for 6LU7 were hydroxychloroquine, dexamethasone, naproxen, etoricoxib, and ibuprofen. For 6VXX were hydroxychloroquine, celecoxib, etoricoxib, meloxicam, and parecoxib. Considering safety profile, the top 3 drugs in descending order for 6LU7 were etoricoxib, naproxen and dexamethasone and for 6VXX were etoricoxib, meloxicam, and parecoxib.

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