Predictive programming or Plandemic?

In 2007 a Japanese movie called “Vexille” where a company called Daiwa begins to reveal that it is now holds the ability to produce a perfect android, that is, a human-like machine that features perfect intelligence, emotional emulation (and the appearance that it’s a conscious being), and regenerative capabilities, such as the ability to heal itself when damaged.[1]

Vexille: When it does work, the virus gradually progresses through the body until it reaches the brain. At that point we become perfect androids under Daiwa’s control.

The speed of the process differs from person to person. Those of us who have yet to be fully assimilated, as best we can, we hold on to those fragments of our humanity that still remain but even now, we can feel them slipping further and further away.[2]

Is the Vexille refers to the MRNA gene modification injection masquerade as a COVID vaccines?

In 2012, the London Olympics Opening Ceremony depicted nurses and doctors DANCING and it is today another predictive programming Illuminati show ritual, about the coming plandemic…[3]

You can find tons of videos of doctors and nurses dancing in Tic Toc #DancingNurses while the hospitals are empties. #EmptyHospitals

Those of us with Netflix account has probably spent countless hours watching tons of movie about Zombies, biohacking, GMO mosquitoes, etc.

One of my favorites series last year was “The Barrier” o “La Valla” aired on September 20/20 which to me SCREAMED “COVID is here and this is what we are planning to do to you NEXT“.

It goes as follow “Sometime in Spain 2045 and most of the rest of the world, has been pushed into a dictatorial regime due to the lack of natural resources (wait, the COVID perpetrators soon will start their Climate CRISIS nonsense) and a VIRUS with no immediate cure.  The Barrier (the Wall) divides the city into those powerful and influence elite (don’t worry, these people are already hiding underground) in which clearly shows that you must have “papers please” #VaccinePassports to cross over areas of the cities and countryside.

The main theme “we are under a global dictatorship with a sanitary excuse” and you must vaccinate. Does it sounds familiar? I bet it does #COVIDISAHOAX

Wait, it gets even better. In 2016  Geneva, Switzerland, The Gates of Hell, were opened. All Europeans Head of States were present to Welcome “SATAN or LUCIFER” into our World.

When you mix science with ritual dances on opening day, that’s a huge red flag for society. – GMX YouTube user

You can read more about it on this recent article:[4]

As I search for “Predictive Programming’ events, I came across this article that demonstrate once more how the cabal or elite or illuminati have planned everything. #NewWorldOrder

Did you know if you type Illuminati backwards with .org it will take you to the NSA website?  Why does itanimulli goes to NSA?

“The Smart Mark” – Predictive Programming for the Mark of the Beast from Netflix[5]

The Smart Mark (also known as the “Mark of the Beast” in the bible) has  been created and ready to be released upon billions of brainwashed and willing participants. This technology was developed by MIT Quantum Dot Tattoo    from funding from, you guess it “Bill Gates Foundation”.

These examples are not conspiracy theorists as they claimed to be every time you questioned these events. I believe they have a meaning. The cabal/elite/illuminati or which ever name you want to call them, need to tell us in advance of their plans. Many will perished as they are too brainwashed and blind-sided to be saved. Those awaken can see what’s coming and preparing.

Prepare yourselves mentally. We are getting closer by the day to the implementation of The Mark of The Beast.Expat Gal [5]

You can see a pattern here. We have seen a series of events from movies, TV shows and real life ceremonies in front of the Tel-A-Vision that it is manifesting into what many call it ‘the book of revelations in the bible”.

Why is the Center for DisInformation/Depopulation and Control (CDC) promoting a zombie apocalypse?

Remember, everything is planned and I know, this is just crazy conspiracy or out of the SiFi movie but one has to wonder…with the EUA emergency approval of an experimental gene therapy that can change human DNA and convert you into their property (yes, you are now a GMO human if you injected yourself with mRNA injection) as CDC and pharmaceutical companies own the patent. What could potentially go wrong? We know they are trying to merge human with robots. This is already confirmed by Satan himself “Klaus Schwab” in the World Economic Forum videos and websites. Bill Gates also has a patent that soon will be known to those who are unaware for the coming digital currency replacing all paper currencies #ByeByeEuro #ByeByeDollar

Microsoft filed a patent application for “cryptocurrency system’ using body activity data and was given the number W020200060606, COVID is just the excuse to introduce all of these technologies #COVIPas #GreenPassports #ID2020 #SocialCredit #CrytoCurrency into each human on this planet while killing a few billions of us. #Depopulation

The Zombie Bite – Coming Soon?[6]

Prdictive programming by World  Economic Forum again

Not for nothing but 20/20 was the year of the PERFECT VISION or in the spiritual world known as “THE GREAT AWAKENING“.

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