Luciferian Agenda: Switzerland Tunnel Ceremony CERN

The Satanic Ceremony Nobody Seemed To Notice

Witches and Warlocks….

Have you heard Geordie Rose the creator of the D-Wave Quantum Computing machines describe his insane works?

He describes them as devices able to tap resources and intelligences from ‘other dimensions’. Demons. His words.

Entities not good or evil, just indifferent and infinitely smarter, bigger, badder than any human. May even like eating humans.

Thinking of us much like we would think of cockroaches / ants.

Couple all this with other technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence and it is akin to digging our own graves.

So, yeah…
This is the opening ceremony of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland from 2017, an extremely satanic affair.
I was watching this occult sh*tshow and once again my synchronicity kicks in…
Here’s what your “Q” is:
Here’s the whole video.

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