What do Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates divorces have in common?

Liquidation of stock options!

🤔Both are rich, on paper. What do I mean? Their wealth is tied directly into their companies stock prices. If the stock crashes, so does their wealth. So how do you cash in massive amounts of your companies stocks without needing to notify shareholders?
💀Answer, get divorced.

💰 Two of the richest people in the world just so happen to be getting divorced in the same 365 days. Literally moments before an economic collapse is scheduled to happen is a little too coincidental for me.

If you aren’t reading between the lines that they are selling stock to save their asses? Then you’re reading the wrong paragraph.

🧐Something very large is on the horizon. Be prepared. #GatestoHell #Economic #papacy #mRNA #Rothschilds #Rockefeller #GeorgeSoros

Source: Ireland_OnLockdown

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