Ethylene oxide is on their PCR test swabs

Let’s sue these monsters into oblivion. Foil their plans. Let’s seize their sacred cow: money. (Ethylene oxide is on their PCR test swabs)

Ethylene Oxide – Cancer-Causing Substances – National Cancer Institute

Please be aware that the covid rapid antigen tests contain ethylene oxide which is proven carcinogen.

It’s down to us all individually to take appropriate measures both legal and direct action against any named person in authority at any level for coercion or enforcement of this blatant health and safety breach.

PCR tests are sterilized by spray with EO

PCR tests are sterilized by spray with EO – ethylene oxide which is registered and classified by WHO as a carcinogen. This is what they are sticking up people’s noses and shoving through the brain barriers of all humanity and including babies. This is highly toxic causing brain cancer leukemia and more.

So besides infecting people with Morgellons with these PCR tests…

Ethylene Oxide is the chemical that they are putting on these swaps.

This chemical causes brain cancer and luekemia.

So if the Morgellons don’t get you, they have a back up plan which is brain cancer.

And people are shoving these sticks up their kids noses to get them into schools.

I’m telling you…. New Earth is only for the awakened ones…

Many people will not make it.

To be awakened means to be free of the mind control.

This has nothing to do with how smart you are. There are plenty of smart people walking around who are mind controlled.

It’s either you wake up or you’re going to be getting off this planet.

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