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AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 viral vector vaccine technology is under increased scrutiny after two reports of transverse myelitis in trial groups. Previously, viral vector technology led to the death of Jesse Gelsinger, who died after being treated with a modified virus in a gene therapy trial. Del discusses the ominous and potentially deadly effects of viral vector technology currently being used in the ‘warp-speed’ race to a COVID-19 vaccine.


Belgian Doctors – Open letter to Belgium >

Chief science officer at Pfizer

The math is skewed and a nonsense

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Reposted by permission from The Highwire with Del Bigtree


Wayne Rohde, investigative researcher & author of “The Vaccine Court,” joins Del to discuss how the flu shot fares in vaccine injury court. The flu shot has now passed over one billion dollars in payouts in court for serious injuries, including paralysis.


Fair Use: In some instances, we include someone else’s footage that is covered in Fair Use for Documentary and Educational purposes with the intention of driving commentary and allowing freedom of speech.



They are lying to us, the agenda is to enslave us and bring in their satanic one-world government ruled by the elite.

The people have to push back. Take back your life and your freedom. Take it NOW or regret it for the rest of your life.

COVID cases doesn’t even mean COVID case

This is about cryptocurrency and new control measures worldwide… they have been lying the entire time…

They want a one-world government, one world religion, and one world economy. And how do they go by achieving that? By doing exactly what they are doing right now. This is how a society is destroyed on all levels- the great reset as they call it and which they say we need! How sad!

The mainstream media brainwashing is working…people aren’t even questioning this…..Orwellian to the core!!! 2+2=5….wow!

This has NOTHING to do with a virus. This is an ECONOMIC RESET ushering in ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 5G/6G facial recognition ID2020 surveillance technology and TRANSHUMANISM.

Case-Demic The PCR test is being “cycled” 40 times to catch even the small fragment of the RNA.

In The Netherlands/Holland the average age from people who have died WITH COVID [next to other illness, so not from COVID] = 82. That is even higher than the life expectancy rate which is 81,5 years. and morality numbers the same over here, a few days ago 36 they said in the past 24 hours by then. now they said, there were 19 of 36 were people who died, months ago. and the 17 that remain even NOT in the past 24 hours. so sick of all those CONTINUOUS lies with the numbers.

The test is a hoax as well. They know the average person doesn’t know much of anything. Going around testing as many people as they can for CV is not real medical research.


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The Political Virus: Apply to US but NOT to Them

#FauciTheFraud NOT wearing a MASK.

A woman arrested, teased and assaulted for not wearing a mask when there is NO MANDATE NO LAWS.


London Parlament – NO MASKS for the politician NO SOCIAL DISTANCE

This is a DEADLY VIRUS. Wear MASKS!!! Be home by 10PM. LIVE IN FEAR! BE SCARED! Xmas is canceled.

Meanwhile in the House of Commons….

Protest in London Sep, 26, 2020

Informed Consent Action Network: Merk VARIVAX – Chicken Pox Vaccine

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Merck sells the first and only chicken pox vaccine (VARIVAX) sold in the United States. VARIVAX is produced by growing chicken pox virus on the cell strain from aborted fetal tissue and was licensed by the FDA in 1995 for people aged 12 months and older.

Prior to FDA licensure of a new experimental vaccines, such as VARIVAX, are expected to undergo long-term placebo-controlled clinical trials with typically tens of thousands of participants to assure their safety.

To evaluate whether Merck met any of these criteria, ICAN, through its attorneys, headed by Aaron Siri, demanded that the FDA produce copies of all the clinical trial reports relied upon to license Merck’s chicken pox vaccine. After the FDA stonewalled ICAN for 14 months, failing to produce even a single document, ICAN sued the FDA in federal court to receive the clinical trial reports for this vaccine.

In this lawsuit, the FDA finally capitulated and began its production of the requested clinical trial reports, the last of which were recently received. A total of 10,796 pages were produced encompassing all the clinical trial reports submitted by Merck to get the VARIVAX license approved. A complete copy of the production is available here.

What do these documents show? They show that this product should never have been licensed.

Only one trial relied upon to license this vaccine included a placebo control. Buried deep in the reports, however, it admits that this “placebo” is an injection of lyophilized stabilizer containing approximately 45 mg of neomycin per milliliter. This is not a placebo! A placebo is an inert substance like saline — it is not another drug! Worse, this trial only contained 956 children, of which 491 received VARIVAX and 465 received the alleged “placebo.” Compounding its fake placebo and miniscule number of participants, these children were only monitored for clinical complaints for 56 days and then for an additional 14 days thereafter for serious adverse reactions.

Nonetheless, even in this shoddy, underpowered study, four serious adverse events (including seizure, ulcer, and viral enteritis) were reported in the group of children receiving VARIVAX and none were reported in the group receiving the alleged placebo. That differential was deemed acceptable by the FDA because Merck’s paid investigator did not consider these serious adverse events to be related to VARIVAX.

Nine months after this study began, the children from the “placebo” group were administered VARIVAX. This assured that any differences in the longer-term reaction profile between those that received VARIVAX and those that received the “placebo” in this miniscule trial could never be uncovered.

There was also one study that involved just 61 children in which 32 received VARIVAX and 29 received nothing. At the 8-week mark, the control group (the children who did not receive an injection) were vaccinated with VARIVAX. During that 8-week period, the children receiving VARIVAX had triple the rate of temperatures above 102 ̊F, nearly double the rate of ear infections, 50% increased rate of upper respiratory illness, and 33% increased rate of systemic clinical complaints.

The rest of the trials produced by the FDA were not blinded, not randomized, nor did they include a control group. These trials could therefore not provide scientifically valid data to support the product’s safety for licensure.

The FDA’s basis for licensing VARIVAX is incredible when considering that: (i) states mandate by law that millions of children receive VARIVAX every year; (ii) Merck cannot be sued for most injuries caused by this product under federal law; and (iii) Merck’s sales of this product, alone or in combination with another of its products, was $2.275 billion in 2019. But yet, the FDA licensed this product based on one fake “placebo” controlled trial, with less than 1,000 children, that reviewed safety for only around 2 months, and then vaccinated the “placebo” group at nine months!

The FDA should be ashamed to call itself a regulatory agency. ICAN will be taking additional formal legal action regarding the lack of safety relied upon to license this product.

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Reposted by permission from The Highwire with Del Bigtree

Covid vaccine manufacturer AstraZeneca was forced to suspend trials when a participant developed Transverse Myelitis. What they didn’t want to tell the public was another participant developed Multiple Sclerosis back in July. Del discusses the trial blueprints, and why this “warp speed”
vaccine is very worrisome.


From Philosopher Newport:

If a virus exists, the worldwide medical establishment says that it must be scientifically proven by meeting all 4 of The Koch Postulates. This includes isolating & purifying the virus so that its genetic materials may be extracted in aid of developing a vaccine. All of the scientific papers about Covid-19 declare they did not isolate & purify the supposed virus.

So how do you make a vaccine without the genetic materials from the virus? How do you make a test for a virus you have not proven to exist?

What are you testing for? What triggers a positive you-are-infected result? Has anyone got a hold of one of these tests and taken them apart, so to speak?

What kind of test could you make that gives mostly positive results — but some negatives as well? Perhaps one test that detects something common in all humans 24/7 365, and one test that will come up negative no matter what — and both testing kits look the same.

Isn’t it shameful how Trump & Boris are going along with this sadistic hoax? Trump’s 1st reports from his intelligence experts told him the “virus” was no worse than the yearly flu. Trump originally seemed hesitant about masks, and now says it’s patriotic to wear a mask. And he’s really playing up this whole rush to get a vaccine when most people don’t want it. Vaccine for what? A make-believe virus? The yearly flu? Scientists have never been able to prove it exists. Look into it. All they have ever isolated were exosomes — made in the body by the body, not outside invaders. There is no actual pathogenic contagious creature called a virus. Bacteria? That’s another matter.

The President of Belarus told the press that the World Bank and IMF offered him $950+ BILLION dollars in “corona aid” to shut down the country, impose curfews, mandate masks, and crash the economy. He told them to take a flying fuck through a rolling doughnut. The BBC & CNN call him a tyrant. The IMF said they offered Belarus relief aid but could not come to an agreement on terms. They denied that those terms included what the President said they demanded. Now if they offered a shoe-box-size country like Belarus just shy of ONE TRILLION DOLLARS, what the fuck kind of stupid money did they offer Boris & Trump???

Fair Use: In some instances, we include someone else’s footage that is covered in Fair Use for Documentary and Educational purposes with the intention of driving commentary and allowing freedom of speech.