Lymelight 1: Who put the Babe in Babesia? / Who put the Core in Corona?

Repots from vaccinefraud

Welcome to the next Jordan Meme:  All of The Above.

Of course, I put it a tiny bit more irreverently inside the video.

Corona is a cover for the true Pandemic that has been infecting people since the 1940s and is at CRISIS LEVEL PROPORTIONS but cannot so will not be admitted to because it is AN INTERNATIONAL WARCRIME.

There is no statute of limitations on Fraud and Murder so they know they can’t let a sniff get out from what this outhouse has been hiding.  But  I bulldoze that shitshack down to reveal what no one else in the world is talking about in this series under theHQtitle of Lymelight.

When you finally come to grips that you are the targets of a Silent War using Silent Weapons where your Enemy has not declared hostilities (unless you open your FUCKING EYES!) yet practices FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE ASSYMETRICAL WARFARE then you will know what the future holds for you and your children.

Not a goddamned thing.  You’re in the middle of a fucking war for the hu-man race.  No fate but what we make for ourselves.

When you come to realize THAT then you will stop fighting among yourselves using memes that were GIVEN to you to keep you engaged in a dialectic, to then focus all of your efforts and energy to bringing down an enemy that would just as soon compost you as acknowledge your existence.

I can tell you what I think must be done, but it’s up to YOU to fucking do it.

The Officially Ignored Connection Between Lyme Disease and Plum Island

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