If we ever meet again – PoisonYvs

If we ever meet again – Irene Jotadé

Por si nos volvemos a encontrar – Irene Jotadé

Everything happens because of something so if in the future we cross paths again, I hope you know how to interpret the signs that surround us, which may be in our favor.

That day when we see each other on the street or in any bar I promise to help you smile because I know you will too.

I do not know how long it will have been, maybe it still hurts today I have felt for another after you and I only have love to give you. who knows … maybe your voice will shake when you see me.

it may be something uncomfortable or on the contrary as if nothing had ever happened despite the fact that everything but nothing happened.

I don’t want to think what will happen but I want to imagine all the possible situations that may take place so that nothing is caught by surprise.

if we meet again at any corner anywhere
I would like to tell you that I do not hate you that what we had stayed in a place in the past willing to be remembered because when you want to continue remembering someone it is because I made you smile more than cry.

I will talk to you. I would ask you what is your life.
If you have fulfilled all the dreams that you had to fulfill or if at least you are in it.

We would look at each other, our stomach clenched because it would be strange to see each other again after that goodbye that was final.
and would you know about me? I think so. It may not be the same when we meet but what’s inside is still intact. Who knows.

Maybe you are more up to date with what happens to me than me or not and I am only a ghost of your mind because if we cross again I would like us not to talk about us or what we had of what we leave on the edge of the abyss.

we will see as if we were friends who meet again after a few days apart talking about everything and nothing.
leaving to our minds what the mouth will not want to tell us and after meeting we will not each go on with their lives as always with something different that we meet again.

and again, start over …

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