The Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) is dedicated to ensuring the public is informed about consumer safety issues. As part of this, ICAN dug deep into NIAID’s recent trial of the drug, Remdesivir and found deviations in study protocol, study size, and inclusion and exclusion criteria. ICAN has sent a letter to NIAID Director, Dr. Tony Fauci, who has claimed that this drug will be “the standard of care’ for COVID-19,” demanding answers to the serious irregularities within the study.

Just what we do here at the informed consent Action Network?
That’S our parent company, that’s the nonprofit!
That makes the highwire possible.
We not only report on the news.
We are making news.
We have won lawsuits against the FDA, CDC National Institute of Health and Health and Human Services, and I want to bring your attention really quickly if you want to know what we do.
This is a brand new letter that we’ve drafted up and sent out.
We are starting an investigation into who Anthony pouchy.
This letter is specifically about REM, desi beer.
If you watched our show a couple of weeks ago, we have serious questions about the manipulation.
The old only study now remember what Dolores was saying.
Hydroxychloroquine is showing success all around the world it works.
Yet Tony pouchy has come out against hydroxychloroquine.
It’S not being used appropriately upon diagnosis in hospitals in New York, where elderly are dying, and I think that that’s a real problem instead he’s come out.
He’S excited about REM, desi beer, which is the exact flip of the coin, the opposite side of the coin.
When I’m desert beer is failing in studies, all around studies been dropped out.
We talked about this two weeks ago, if you’re gonna watch that show but they’re dropping out of trials, because people are dying at higher rates that are taking REM, deser, be while we’re beginning an investigation.
This letter is going out to Tony pouchy.
Let me read some of the excerpts right now.
Can we bring that up?
This is dear doctor, foul to the informed consent Action Network is reporting to you on April 29 2020.
You stated that the data shows that REM dezer beer has a clear-cut, significant positive effect in diminishing the time to recovery.
This study appears to have many serious irregularities as detailed below prior to sending these concerns to the appropriate federal ethics and oversight committees.
We wanted to provide you an opportunity to respond.
The study at issue a multicenter randomized clinical trial, commenced on February 24th.
Like all such studies before it commenced, a detailed study protocol was established.
It is critical that the protocol be set in stone before a study begins.
This assures the validity of the study.
Despite the importance of adhering the study protocol, there were numerous substantive deviations in Nyad study of REM, desi beer, the one you yourself for doing all the failed studies you’re about to override it.
With one study that you were doing, we go through all of the issues: they changed the amount of people in the study they went on and you know, despite the study protocol, they started changing categories.
They even removed death as one of the categories so that we know how many people died.
All of this, while they’re in the middle of the study, you’re changing it while you’re seeing results come in this by almost every definition in science is scientific fraud.
Therefore, we end this letter this way and you can read it.
This is up on our website.
I will not speculate as to your motives and seeking to have REM.
Does it be a license and pushed out to the public so quickly?
What I will say is that you and I ad can do better.
The American people deserve better.
They deserve science, that is on solid footing, not a sales pitch based on a single study in which every material element of its protocol was changed after patient outcomes were observed.
Please provide a response on or before May 22 2022 the serious irregularities regarding the Nyad REM, dezer beer studied detailed above.
If we do not receive a response by then we intend to pursue ethics and related claim with the appropriate federal agencies.
Very truly yours, Dell, big tree CEO of the informed consent Action Network.
You can mark your words.
We are not just started, stop being a letter.
I hope that doctor foul she decides to respond to us and explain what’s going on with this group II study, I also want to let you know that we have 34 requests.
Freedom of Information Act, request for materials from Falchi people at HHS, CDC the NIH.
We are under a full-tilt shock-and-awe investigation of our government, and this ridiculous thing that’s been going on with coab in nineteen.
If you want to support these efforts along with this amazing show where we’re bringing in the best scientists around the world, I really need your help.
These lawsuits are going to cost a lot having this legal team put forward these letters and do these FOIA requests.
It is non-stop.
Please donate 20 for 2020 right now.
You can make a difference.
You can stop this, not only me putting up a tweet.
Stop and cheer at County for taking your kids away.
Imagine what we can do if we can stop Tony pouchy from manipulating studies to push through bad drugs to erase good drugs or make us wait on vaccines while they destroy our economy, the highwire is directly active.
Maybe I’m not a news reporter, maybe on activists I’m called all sorts of different things in newspapers all over the world.
All I can say is I work for you.
We are here for you.
We are fighting for the issues that matter and we are discussing the issues that matter and we were reporting on everything we find and if we find a problem, we don’t just report on it, we investigate it, we send letters and ultimately, we bring lawsuits.
You are making that possible if you want to try and imagine who else is doing exactly that.
I’D like to know and I would also celebrate them too, but we are here for this is sponsored by the informed consent action Network.
You are a part of that network, you were making it happen, and all of this is to make sure that this entire planet does not turn into a circus that our country and government is not some circus game.
But it’s run by intelligent people that actually care about us.
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