Pentacles – A New Beginning – You become what you think about

Prepare yourself for a new year. Make a list of your resolutions. Write your goals down and create a discipline to manifest them into reality.

Something good is coming. Open your heart to receive it. The universe wants to give you something new. A new job, a new opportunity. This is something new.

You have done the work and finally the universe wants to give you a gift. This is magical. An unexpected gift that you have work hard for it.

Let the new come in.

The information you received was hurtful and painful but it will give you a change you need for the new beginning.

Those were some of the words I heard during my regular self-communication. I use a combination of tarot cards and other spiritual sources to find the guidances I need when in doubt.

Recently I wrote an article about success and law of attraction and how you can bring what you desire closer and closer to you.

Read more about it here: One-Year Success Plan

Ace of Pentacles

Work: You may be moving to a new position or a new set of responsibilities. If you’re wondering whether or not to leave your current position, this card is an encouraging one to see. This new position may happen whether you are looking for it or not. Either way, this is good news.

8 of Pentacles

Work: If you are seeking employment, this card can indicate that you will be hired into a new position that tests your skills and is demanding. Have faith in yourself, that you can do what is needed to be successful in the position. If you are currently working, you may be saddled with far more responsibility and tasks than can be accomplished well. Don’t hesitate to request assistance from supervisors with prioritizing. You can only do so much; be realistic.

9 of Pentacles

Work: If you’re looking for a position, the 9 of Pentacles could well point to a better job coming your way than you would have thought possible. Even if you’re currently employed, expect a change for the better, both in terms of your circumstances and your pay. You’ll have a lot to be grateful for.

 One of your dreams is on its way to coming true

Change, change, change – the universe wants to give you a wonderful gift. The hard work has paid off.


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