USA Corporations Dead Policy: Got Drug Test?

The Pointlessness of the Workplace Drug Test in the USA

There’s very little evidence it’s worth the cost or hassle and yet, USA Corporations insist on drug testing their prospective employees prior to their start date.

After living and working in Europe and Latin America, I do not understand why US Citizens do not complain? Why not ask their government to place laws into place to prohibit this practice? I feel not only it is a violation of my body but my privacy. Mind you, I do not smoke or drink anything and more or less, I have been a healthy person since I can remember. I barely use the socialist health system that it is mandated upon me. I am forced to pay for mandatory insurance so someone else can afford it even though I do not use it and when I use it, I have to pay out of my pocket anyway, so what’s the point of mandatory insurance???

So back to the mandatory drug test. Many of us have been asked to pee into a cup. As a condition of employment, and with bills to pay, we head to the lab to deliver our samples. I can understand someone operating forklifts or driving 18-wheelers should be required to some type of testing, however, someone seating at an office desk, cannot cause any injury by smoking some legalized marijuana. I do not know the details in law in each of the states where marijuana now is legal. Do corporations ask for drug testing anyway? That should seen pointless and waste of time.

US worker drug testing

As the article posted on -Why Do Employers Still Routinely Drug-Test Workers?, explained that ‘…some testing critics, such as Adam Moore of the University of Washington, have argued that it would make more sense to do regular testing of an employee’s actual, on-the-job state of mind, rather than his or her recent drug use. If a worker nods off all the time, or sits there in an unproductive daze, what’s the difference if his problem is caused by tested substances such as marijuana or heroin, as opposed to other, legal ones? (Remember the pilot who crashed into the USS Nimitz and kicked off the modern testing frenzy? The one doped up on cold medicine?) Drugs may not even be the central problem: An airline pilot who suffers from chronic and debilitating insomnia, for example, could be more dangerous than one who does whippets on the weekend…”

But what about The Netherlands, as I can remember, Dutch people probably smoke more marijuana and joint than any US worker could dream off. Yet, they go to work, go home and smoke a joint and back to work again. Do you hear about killings at the workplace in The Netherlands? Do you hear about any other workplace related problems in The Netherlands? Remember, The Netherlands has legalized most of the marijuana consumption. Tourists come to Amsterdam just to smoke a joint. You can smell marijuana from the moment you leave the airport so what makes an European worker different than a US worker?

The same corporations operating in Europe are also operating in the USA. Do these corporations ask EU workers to pee into a cup? The answer is NO.

Drug Testing t’s an American invention

HR, recruiters and those working on workplace policies. Stop wasting people’s time. Time is money so you should be able to pay for the time I spend going into a lab for non-sense drug test. Even better, send somebody from the lab (of course,they won’t come) to my house to get a pee sample.

Time is money. Do not waste my time. Drug testing is not an indicator of my past, present or future performance as an employee.

And one more statistics by ThinkProgress:

To that end, one simply tallies up the money spent on public screenings, and compares it to the money saved by cutting off drug-abusing applicants. An analysis of seven state testing programs by ThinkProgresssuggests that governments are in the red from testing.


Why Do Employers Still Routinely Drug-Test Workers?

The Pointlessness of the Workplace Drug Test

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