Data Management Plan – Protocol Summary

This usually describes the management plan for the data collected  during the project. It is a brief description or synopsis of  the protocol.

The protocol, in terms of a clinical research study, is the plan, or blueprint, that
describes the study’s objectives, methodology, statistical considerations, and the organization of the study. [ Oct. 2012]

Protocol Summary
Protocol Summary – current state of ‘standardization’ of a protocol document














What to look for when reading a protocol?

  • Review of T&E – Time and Event Schedule or Visit Schedule.
  • Assessments e.g. ECGs, PE (physical exams), MH-MedHix or Medical HIstory, labs and more.
  • Critical data variables for analysis. e.g. efficacy and safety data


proc print data= work.demog;
where patient in(“&pid”) and page=’3′;
var patient SBJINT page
dob sex bmi weight height;
title ‘Page 3 – Demog’;

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