We all know about the movie with Tom Cruise ‘Mission Impossible‘. I personally never liked it. It was just entertainment only. But these past few weeks I felt I was working on a mission impossible.  It is like this place didn’t want me to leave until a suffer one more time. What is one more struggle? This place, like a vampire, has sucked up all my money and energy. All of my blood. There is nothing left but my body, mind, and soul and it is trying to take that too.

I have to admit today I was doubting my own words. You can read my post on the law of attraction and success here. For several months, the law of attraction has worked. I attracted everything that I wanted in my career and life. But suddenly, I felt like I am walking through a desert with no end in sight. I felt like it’s windy and dusty and there’s no sign of water and I am walking with all me but getting nowhere.

Success is something you attract not something you pursue.

Law Of Attraction Success
Anayansi’s Mazda cx7
Anayansi’s Corvette
Anayansi’s Corvette
Ford Mustang
Law of Attraction affirmations
SYSDBA – Corvette License Plate
Mazda Miata
Anayansi in Germany
Anayansi’s Motorcycle




















I am sorry. I have tried so hard to stay positive. Every day, I work on my positive affirmations but each time I read an email or sit around waiting, I got more upset and therefore, going backwards on the attend to reboot my career and bring success back into my life. That success I left behind in the United States. The land of dreams and opportunities.

Finally, I heard good news. My professional blue card is approved and I can start my new life and career away from this horse town. Away from this place and life that has drained everything out of me.

It’s time to pack up and say –‘doei doei‘ – ‘Willkommen zuhause‘.




Yvonne Koelemeijer