I have been fascinated with Egyptian mythology and history since I can remember but after 2008, my interest grew even more. In 2011, I traveled to Egypt and in 2012 to Rome, where more Obelisk can be found than Egypt.

Then I looked back to my past, and I did not realize I grew up around Obelisks. In my home country, there are at least 3 Obelisk in strategic places and I played around them without even knowing.

So what exactly is an Obelisk? Obelisks are monuments honoring the pagan GOD SUN of Egypt called AMUN RA. The spirit of this pagan GOD is set to reside within the Obelisk. At the based of the Obelisk, this symbolizes the vagina,  and the erection the male parts; together, they described the male and female sexual union.

Those who worships RA (aka Amun or Amen) believes that Amun = Amen is the suprime GOD creator of all things, and can transform himself into other GODS like OSIRIS the GOD of the underworld or SETH the GOD of evil and caos.

Today AMUN=AMEN is one of the most popular words used in this world and repeated by many religions like Muslim, Hindus, Christians and Jews at the end of a prayer. Without realizing, people all over the world are praising AMUN.

The OLD TEST AMENT = bible, is the holy book of Christians. AMUN=AMEN is repeated over and over again throughout the bible. The word AMEN means ‘the hidden one’.

Many are fool into believing that Amen means ‘so be it’. But in Kings bible old test AMENt, AMEN is identified as ‘the LORD God of my lord’.

So why in the world the Vatican, apparently full of Christians values, erect a monument symbolizing the pagan GOD ‘AMUN RA’ and sexual intercourse right in his front yard?

On the political aspect, any country that has an Obelisk represents a colony. Rome conquered the entire planet and left behind Obelisks, that they stole from Egypt. In each country I traveled, I have seen at least one Obelisk. Does your country has an Obelisk? I bet it does!

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