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How Much are Bad Managers Costing Your Company?

Harassment, discrimination or labor exploitation can become poison in the work environment. Bad attitude, micro-management, unqualified managers can be as toxic in the workplace.

How to cope with a toxic work environment?

We often hear in hours of leisure (lunch breaks) employees telling the terrible stories that turn their heads as the worst bosses they have ever known.

A toxic work environment is as harmful to health as smoking. That is why, some experts have provided advice on how to survive and come through with certain harmful working circumstances. In addition there are some strategies to determine why we can come to feel animosity towards our work.

How do you know if your workplace is or is not toxic? What happens to your boss or your coworkers? What to do about it ?

If all these questions come to your mind at times of tension in the company, you are probably in a toxic work environment. If you ask one or some of the following questions:

• Do you hate going to work every day?

• Does the work of two or more people, but you get paid the same salary?

• Do you feel little or no worth?

• Does your superior yells at you and your colleagues constantly?

• Have you asked for help, but nothing changes?

• Have you been asked to falsify reports?

• Have you been the victim of sexual harassment?

• Have you been the victim of discrimination based on race, sex, age, religion or sexual preference?

Toxic work

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, you are working in a toxic work environment and this is due to people in positions of authority operate through abuse of power, ego, mistrust, paranoia, cruelty, injustice, inequality, pressure, greed, ambition and brutal disrespect that negatively effect everyone around them.

What could be possible solutions to a toxic work environment?

Of course, communicating to HR. Unfortunately, we don’t believe HR is there to help employees. We will cover Human Resources department role on a later article.

Changing Departments? Unfortunately, when you work for a very small company, this option may not be available. Even if you work a large corporation, most often than not, you won’t be able to transition to another department that easily.

Get a lawyer to write a letter to your boss, human resources and legal department, indicating that if the situation does not change, you will file a lawsuit for a hostile work environment, sexual harassment, unsafe conditions, etc. Companies hate lawsuits and bad publicity, and may well react.

When you start noticing that more full-time staff are leaving and consultants contracts terminated, you know there is a problem with the environment. There is not rapport and no team attitude among the ones left behind. The morale of the staff has been diminished by all of the coming and going of new employees. You can’t call that a ‘productive work environment’.

And if that does not work, it’s time to find a good company that respects its workers, you don’t need living in an adverse employment situation when the price to pay for your health is too high for something worth so little.

People leave managers not companies. I QUIT!

Share your bad managers moments or toxic work environments in the comment section.

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6 thoughts on “How Much are Bad Managers Costing Your Company?”

  1. I think Gresham’s law is a direct result of allowing such people to grow in an organization- “The Bads drive the Goods out”

    Once again a perfect example of why good people leave great companies! This should not be tolerated and to do so only allows this behavior to fester negative energy!

    1. Hi Marcos, I believe we have all experience some type of ‘bad management’ style in the workplace.
      Distrust and micro-management breed distrust.

      Thanks for your comments. {EDC} Developer.
      eDC2SDTM. Distrust and micro-management breed distrust.

  2. You will never find work as pleasure if you hate your job or you can’t stand your boss.I could never understand the reasoning behind putting down or be raging others at work.

    If you are an owner, manager or supervisor how can you expect best work from others, if they are frighten or resentful??? We all want to be appreciated, acknowledge and encourage. If you support your employees and give them respect, they will give you the best work they can.

  3. Be careful where you put yourself.. Avoid Toxic people and surround yourself with successful people.That always worked for me.

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