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Do You Have a Team?

A team is a group of individuals who see themselves and are seen by others as a social entity, which is interdependent because of the tasks performed as members of a group.

Not every member works well together. We have team members that are passive-aggressive, others that do not participate and do not turn in their assigned task. However, we can bring out either the best or worst in one another.

When a group of individuals work together to achieve a goal, they often fail because individual agendas outweigh the commitment to the common goal.

In some companies, team members are provided with a great deal of feedback regarding their performance, they are encouraged to work for the common good of the organization. But there are also team members that do not understand the decisions that are made, or don’t agree with them.

Teams do not become effective overnight. Team building is a process that requires due attention and care. Team development means developing a person’s skills both within the group and individually, for the goal of enhancing project performance. Development as a team is critical to project success.

To be able to work independently, the team member must be creative, proactive and inspired by a vision of how things could be. At the same time the individual must be accountable for each task even if they have a team to do the work. I work from home and many of my team members live across the country. We meet once a week and we have access to email. As part of a Virtual Team Member, I must be able to stay focused to get things done.

anayansi gamboa team building

If a team member does not perform up to standards, for example, if he/she does not return a task on time when promised and does not advise the reason, the project team contacts them. If the member responds and asks for an extension, he/she is advised who will make a decision as to whether the member should be granted an extension. If at the end, there is no response, the project manager will make a decision as to whether the team member should be removed.

If we keep on doing what we’re doing and working as one team, the project will be a success.

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