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As a project manager, you should be familiar with a variety of techniques to manage and motivate your team. One way of developing the team is to start a ‘team development’ process to enhance or develop a person’s skills both within the group, and individually, for the goal of enhancing project performance. Team development is most difficult when team members are accountable to both a functional and a project manager. But as a project manager, you are still responsible for managing relationships. Development as a team is critical to project success.

During Team Performance Assessment, if people improved individually and as a team, it should be reflected in improved project performance. Another reward achievement that I would like to see repeated is the ‘Recognition and Rewards’ program. Rewards should be immediate and in tune with preferences. Some team members prefer gifts, other perks, others recognition from a group, others extra time off, etc. Team members should receive feedback on a regular basis.

anayansi gamboa motivation
Team – Motivation

The sources of power for a project manager, penalty (creates hostility); formal or position power (based upon a position such as a boss); and reward (power to give bonus) are not very effective way to influence and motivate other individuals. The most effective source of power is the ‘expert’ based on a knowledge or skill that earns power and respect and the role model because others are willing to follow.

But not everyone can be motivated. The project manager must create a working environment that is encouraging to development of the team member and leave it up to the team member to respond positively.

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  1. In my opinion a Masters in Project Management is far more valuable and demonstrates a deeper level of understanding and integration of knowledge from diverse fields of study.

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