Society of the Sojourner – Part II

anayansigamboa sojourner El Porvenir Panama

Well it’s been quite a journey since my last post – sojourner. To sum it up I would say that I have come to the realisation that the world we live in, with its social structures that we have come accustomed to, are quite different than what they appear.

Anayansi decided to change her name to “Sojourner” literally because of her belief.  She openly believed that God told her to change her name, and it is so interesting how her name (Anayansi) has a profound meaning [She was an indigenous woman, a woman in love, who opened her heart to the blond conquistador with his steel armour, newly arrived to win glory in the Isthmus of Panama-KEY TO HAPPINESS]. She changed her name to “Sojourner” because she planned to travel.

anayansigamboa sojourner Panama
Images courtesy of Google -Panama Kuna Island, San Blas

As for my story, what I feared in 2007/2008 when I began to awake to the political and social turmoil going on in the United States of America is now coming true, I decided to return to my home country.  I had a fear then for the lack of respect for the sovereignty of individual human beings. Government has a monopoly on human beings. Without a birth certificate or passport or ID, you are nobody even though we are alive, living flesh and blood man; we are who we say we are and no government ID can change that. We have been brainwashed in believing, we are some name written on a passport ID.

I would like to go into the issues I have with the whole government system but lets just not waste time. Let’s just say, once you are awake, your eyes can never closed again. It is like a light bulb is on 24-7.

So while I was preparing to travel back to Panama [“Panama” is of indian origin, from a word meaning “the abundance of fish” or “the abundance of butterflies”], a friend of mine from the States told me to visit this psychic lady from down town (she was the one interested in having a palm reading). I don’t believe it much so I went along. After her reading, the lady asked me if I wanted a palm reading. I said, “why not.” Nothing to lose as I am already here.

All I can remember her saying ”…soon you will meet someone and move…I see a lot of water surrounding this place…lots of water…” I said to myself. “That must be Panama.” We have the canal, rivers, lakes and two oceans…When her last words were “I see a trip to Europe”. That was 2008 and now fast forward to 2014.

anayansigamboa sojourner Panama
Images courtesy of Google – Panama Canal, Amador, Balboa, Punta Pacifica

My decision was, that I must leave this city; it was not place for me; yea, I felt on called it spirit to leave it and to travel east.

It’s been 5 years since I got out of Dodge for the…onto Society of the Sojourner III -to be continued. Until then…

anayansigamboa sojourner Panama
Images courtesy of Google – Panama City, Balboa, Pacific Ocean

 Saludos y hasta luego!

Notes: sojourner means a temporary resident. Who knows that one of the most beautiful stories of the Spanish Conquest belongs to Panama? The story in question is related with Vasco Núñez de Balboa, who was a Spanish explorer and conquistador. He was the first European to see and stand in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, on September 1513. He claimed the Pacific Ocean and all its shores for Spain, which opened the way for Spanish exploration and conquest along the western coast of South America. But it was the Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand de Magalhães (not Balboa), who, because its waters seemed so calm, gave this ocean the name Pacific (meaning peaceful).

anayansigamboa Panama Pacific Ocean
Courtesy of Google – Balboa, Parque Anayansi, Pacific Ocean

What is your story? Leave your comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Society of the Sojourner – Part II

  1. Hello Anayansi, where are you located now? I noticed there is a part 3 to this ‘sojourner’ articles.

    I visited Panama 2 years ago. It is really beautiful those islands. Unfortunately, I am stuck in Canada. Have you visited Canada? Bye,

    1. Hello Tanguy, thanks for the comment and reading my article. I have visited the Niagara Falls. That’s about what I have seen of Canada. It was amazing. Other than that. I was asked to work there on several occasions but I don’t see myself there.

      Cheers, Anayansi

    1. Hola David, Thanks for the link. No. I didn’t hear about it. I’m still learning. 😉

      Yes. Anayansi is an indian name from Panama (linked to Balboa and the Spanish imperialism back in those centuries). It is a very common name in Panama and you will also find it in Central America, Brasil and USA.

      Thanks for your comments. Anayansi

  2. Hola David, Thanks for the link. No. I didn’t hear about it. I’m still learning. 😉

    Yes. Anayansi is an indian name from Panama (linked to Balboa and the Spanish imperialism back in those centuries). It is a very common name in Panama and you will also find it in Central America, Brasil and USA.

    Thanks for your comments. Anayansi

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